Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How You Will Benefit From Co-location Services in Australia

Several IT firms across the globe are now offering various web hosting solutions. These plans range from the simplest form which is shared hosting to the most powerful- dedicated servers and cloud computing. With a lot of options to choose from, clients are puzzled on which service to sign up for. Besides, the risk of partnering with the wrong service providers gets higher as the population of web hosts rises. As a result, they decided to get their own equipments- huge servers and other necessary hardware components. With this, they can be assured that they can get the best process and results they aspire for in a web hosting service.
However, their problems do not end. Trouble has still found a way to plague them. For one, companies could not afford to shoulder the responsibility of caring for such equipments. Running an IT operation in-house is a big task that eats a lot of time and requires a lot of money. Additionally, they are compelled to build a facility where the tangibles are secured against viral, human and natural attacks. And such pursuit and obligation demands an immense amount of money. I bet no business entity would like to overspend and exhaust their limited financial resources for a non-core function. In this case, time and money are two things that will be sacrificed.
Instead of being heavily laden by these constraints and challenges, why not seek a hosting provider in Australia that is proficient in co-location services? Leasing a space in an Australian data centre may just be the right solution you are looking for. Server co-location allows you to transfer the administration and maintenance of the tangibles to the hosting provider for the best available contract price. With this, you will not be budged by problems arising from the management of hardware components. Additionally, you will not commit the mistake of disbursing money for building a facility.Â
For sure, you want to unearth the benefits and rewards your company will gain from this undertaking. The following list enumerates some of them.
• Safe and secured. Hosting providers prioritise safety and security in their data centre services. They understand how much you have invested just to ensure an outstanding web hosting experience. Your data and tangibles are protected against viral threats because the web hosts have installed firewall and other anti-virus applications. Besides, the facility is surrounded by alarm and security systems to detect and to prevent human and natural disasters such as robbery, fire, flood and earthquake from happening.
• Everything is 24x7x365. Of course, you want to use your resources any time you want to. Data centres in Australia know this need. As such, they provide around-clock Internet connection, power supply, cooling system, monitoring and client support. In case of brownouts which rarely happen, they have back-up equipments like UPS and generators.
• Your resources are in good hands. As I said earlier, you don't need to worry about the administration of your resources. Australian web hosts do have a modest number of IT professionals responsible for the repairs, maintenance and management of every server.
Signing up for a co-location service in Australia is the right way for business organisations, small or big, to avoid the huge expenses inherent in building and operating a company-owned facility. If you are considering this big opportunity, then look for a reliable hosting provider in Australia now.

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