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Hardly would there be any web designer who has never heard about the minimalist approach to web designing or minimalist web design. Both terminologies refer to one and the same thing. Despite this approach being popular there are many web designers still unaware about its basics and niceties. Here are some key aspects that can throw light on the detailed aspects of minimalist web design. Definition of Minimalist Design The word "minimalist" makes one instantaneously remember the word "minimum." A minimalist design is a design that includes the minimum required elements in a web design. This sort of design is void of all kinds of decorations such as unnecessary elements, textures, and shapes. The colors that are found not needed are also got rid of. A minimalist design just lays all the focus on the basic purpose of the website and stick to the bare minimum elements.   Misunderstanding A lot of web designer think that a minimalist design lacks appeal and usually boring. This opinion is totally without any basis and false because there are many website with minimalist approach and are not only appealing but also successful. A minimalist design is very simple but that does not mean it is boring. A minimalist design maintains the focal point of the website and can be made attractive too. The minimalist design works on the principle of keeping things short and simple. 

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Distractions The simple design focuses on the content that is needed by the visitor. All the elements that can distract the visitor such as graphics or icons for shared networking, taglines, introductions and other description are got rid of. This action saves the time of the visitor and enhances the reputation of the website. Ease at Navigation   A minimalist design facilitates the visitor in easily finding what he/she is searching for through that website. The navigation through various sections of the website becomes very easy. This saves time, money and available resources.  Making the minimalist design attractive Total lack of color, texture and other elements like lines, shapes, typography can make the web design boring and lackluster. This implies that the design should have a bit of these mentioned elements just like a bit of spices can make the food tasty but a lot of it can make the food pungent and difficult to chew.  A modest design can be prepared with the help of a unique wireframe. When the elements of the page are kept at minimum, making the wireframe unique is not very easy. On the contrary it needs more attention. When an appropriate wireframe is created the website is going to have visual appeal as well as proper presentation of the matter. In modest design the designer has to consider and manage the white spaces in such a way that various elements on the web page are placed properly. One can even use unique typography and flash for minimalist design. Copyright © 2011
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