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Niche Finder is a new addition to the crowded keyword research marketplace and was launched in March of 2011. Brad Callen's Bryxen Software introduced Niche Finders that offers simple yet powerful keyword research with no other bells and whistles. The software focuses on identifying buyers keywords targeting high search volume and low optimization rates. Keyword research tools are all over the place. Why do we need another one when the marketplace appears to have all of its needs met? Brad Callen explains that many top keyword research tools such as Market Samurai and Traffic Travis are full service SEO products with many individual tools included in the package. Other top products such as Micro Niche Finders and Callen's own Keyword Elite rely on analytics that are now too general by using total results to analyze the data. Niche Finders breaks down the components when looking at competition . The software looks at the total number of competitors links, page rank, on-page optimization practices that includes page title, keyword density, text and graphics. By breaking everything down this way, the software provides more reliable and actionable data points .


All of the search engines today are utilizing what is called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) when determining page rank . LSI encompasses all of the components that I referred to and Niche Finders is one of the newer generation keyword tools to include LSI scoring. This, and it's emphasis on simplicity, is what sets Niche Finders apart from the rest.
The Niche Finder software works like this:
Enter Keyword or targeted URL.
50 results are returned.
Top 10 ranked websites are included based on on-page and off-page criteria.
Each result is highlighted with a color code for level of difficulty (green,yellow, red).
Monthly Google global and local search counts are included.
Adsense, cost-per-click column
Each column can be individually sorted.
Difficulty scores are established.
The software is powerful and performs tasks quickly. Once you identify the green keywords, which are the keywords with the highest search volume and lowest number of competitors, you can sort these further by the level of difficulty.
Green – 0-30 difficulty.
Yellow – 31-75 difficulty.
Red – > 76 difficulty.
The word on the street regarding Niche Finders is quite good . It is a simple, user friendly and powerful keyword tool that provides more accurate data than most of the other software tools available today. Many of the competitors offer a complete SEO service which makes them cumbersome and others provide data based on algorithms that are now out of date with the many changes that have occurred with the major search engines. The Niche finders keyword software can be purchased for a one-time $97.

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