Monday, May 16, 2011

Linux VPS - Is It Better than Windows VPS?

Windows and Linux VPS are two of the options currently available in VPS technology. Virtual private servers have recently gained a lot of popularity among web developers that are looking for an efficient, better performing and reliable option for their hosting needs. Windows and Linux are both different systems offering different features and advantages. While Linux is free and open source, Windows is commercial. Deciding which one would be better for you will depend on numerous factors.  Assess your requirements Whether you should select windows or Linux VPS will mainly depend on your current and future website requirements. Your site must have the capability to handle both types of customers. If you don't really have very high or special requirements then Linux would be a good choice, especially when your budget is lower. Windows is commercial and it will allow you to serve a large number of users but it definitely is expensive. However, the performance levels of both of these operating systems are more or less similar.  Reliability and convenience of use Windows would be a better choice for those who are not yet very comfortable with site administration and have limited knowledge about servers. Windows offers a remote desktop access which is easy to use. Linux is appropriate for those who have a little more knowledge about text commands. For better reliability, Linux is a good option. Windows does not provide a 100% uptime so it may be a potential problem for a few users. Because Linux is free and open source you will be able to modify it to handle higher traffic load.  Select a program that is best for you Selecting between Windows and Linux VPS will depend mainly on your individual requirements. Microsoft SQL as well as Access support are offered by Windows but you will have to pay a considerable amount for it if you want the Express version. For those with a budget constraint Linux is always a great choice. Linux is good for those who want a cost effective but feature packed option for their use. Personal preferences and comfort level also play a big role in deciding which one is the right option. When you switch over to VPS from shared hosting you would automatically be able to enjoy higher performance, better control and reliability. With a little research and evaluation you can then decide which operating system would be better for you. Since both these options offer more or less the same performance levels and features, selecting Linux VPS would be more of a personal choice than anything else.

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