Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Traffic guide: essential strategies

Owning a website is one thing but being able to get traffic is another.  There are a myriad of websites that are available today. Some of them are effective while others hardly attract any visitors. It is not beneficial to have your website sitting there and doing virtually nothing.  Adopting the strategies that are provided on the traffic guide would be a great step towards ensuring that you maximize on the website. Below are some of the essential strategies that can be utilized to ensure that the traffic is flowing to the site.
Writing Articles
This is one effective method that is available in the traffic guide . The thought of writing articles may discourage many who are not aware of its effectiveness when it comes to increasing traffic. It simply involves writing an article and at the bottom providing your URL and name. The articles are then submitted to various directories such as the Ezine Articles. You may also opt to permit the webmaster to use the article on the website again as long as the specific niche does not change.   The webmaster will then feature the specific article on your website and have your link at the end of the article. It is an effective way of increasing traffic as one article can provide many back links that are directed to your website.
Commenting on Blogs
This is yet another great method that is highly rated in the traffic guide .  It would simply involve identifying the blogs that are related to the particular niche that you are dealing with and then being able to make substantial comments. Once you comment ensure that you have your link attached to the comment. This is a very simple and effective way to get traffic to your site. The most important thing is to ensure that the comments you make will raise the reader's curiosity to want to know much more.  Ensure that the comments are short and provide a lot of insight.
Traffic on Craigslist
Craigslist is actually a free classified ad and it provides a platform for forum posting. It is very extensive as it incorporates fifty countries and approximately four hundred and fifty cities.  It is a free traffic source. You simply require making  consideration on the number of phone numbers that they are exposed to. During the creation of the account one would require to provide details of the phone number. As you sign up you will get a call to confirm the number with the use of a validation code.
Search Engine Optimization
This is yet another effective strategy that is listed on the traffic guide .  It involves the use of the keywords which could be a single word or phrase.  If the keyword is used appropriately then you will be in a position to get high page rankings on the search engine. It is a known fact that most of the reader will open the first websites that are displayed on the results.

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