Saturday, May 14, 2011

Niche Reaper Review – Is Niche Reaper a Scam?

Is Niche Reaper a scam? This new software program is capable of researching more than 20,000 new keywords every day and is designed to help marketers cut down on their time and costs spending on the Internet. As statistics show, finding the right niche markets and the right profitable keywords are both really big problems faced by inexperienced marketers. 1. What Are Some of the Features of the new Keyword Research Tool Called Niche Reaper? Therefore, this software program has come with several features like identifying Google page 1 opportunities, finding keyword domains that are available, finding Facebook fan pages and the value of all these resources for its users automatically. These pages and opportunities are then ranked according to how likely and how profitable they are and will be separated by various color codes. 2. How Has the Niche Reaper Keyword Research Program Helped Me During the Beta Test? With this software, I have found that it has made the process of niche market research much simpler for me and certainly helps me to profit from profitable niches much more quickly than having to individually fight for keywords. Every keyword found by this tool will be grouped according to their relevant niches, and the program also provides information like their monthly values and estimated traffic volume. 3. Review of the Features and Functions of Niche Reaper Once the keyword research is done, I will be presented with a list of keywords that would already have been sorted according to their values. Each of these keywords will be color coded, and new keywords and phrases will be added to the database live every couple of seconds. It also highlights opportunities that niche marketers can capitalize on which allows me to search in Google and quickly verify whether there is really money to be made, which most of the time there is. 4. What Are the Color Codings that Will Appear for the Keywords in the Niche Reaper Software? The most valuable keywords will be highlight in green followed by amber and white, and the number and percentage of green keywords you see will depend entirely on the niche market itself and the timing of your search. Other than color coding and sorting out keywords, the software is also capable of sorting niche markets according to their profit potential, making it a very convenient tool for me when I am looking for new opportunities to make money.

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