Friday, May 13, 2011

Niche Reaper Bonus - Get Even More Out Of This Niche and Keyword Service

Before I talk about the Niche Reaper Bonus , let's look at what Niche Reaper is all about and why it's a service that should be a part of your armory online.
Niche Reaper - The Facts
If you're a webmaster or a marketer that is at the beginner to intermediate level, this service is going to be invaluable to you for tapping into profitable niches and keywords within those niches. As a member of this service you'll have access to a gigantic database that is growing at a rapid pace. Every 2 to 3 seconds a new keyword drops into the database and you can see all that happen on the live feed.
Intelligent Color Coding
Obviously some keywords are going to be more valuable than others. What Niche Reaper does is pull in all of those keywords and color code them according to how valuable they are as a keyword you should use. It also does the same thing with the niches, so you can ascertain which are the big money niches with huge potential and which ones are those you should give a miss. The green highlighted keywords and niches are the highest value and there are lots of them already, with the number growing at a rate of around seven hundred to one thousand per day.
Keyword Grouping Within Niches
Rather than have keywords randomly positioned all over the place, Niche Reaper actually groups all the relevant keywords into each niche entry. These keywords can then be drilled down into at the click of a mouse button. The number of opportunities to rank competitively in the top 5 search engine results are automatically identified by Niche Reaper, which makes it a very powerful system for marking out the soft spots in the organic listings.
What About Training?
I had a chat with Matt Garrett and he has told me that a lot of extra training is going to be included inside Niche Reaper. You are going to get all of the training you would expect in order to be successful using this service, including things such as setting up and installing an optimized WordPress blog, driving traffic to your blog, Facebook FanPages creation and a whole lot more. Matt advises me that members will have over 20 training videos in the members area that they can watch and learn from.
What About The Bonuses?
I've also put together a Niche Reaper bonus package to compliment this service and some fast action bonuses to reward those that act fast. This package has been created by me to help you drive more traffic to your websites, setup your WordPress blog and more.

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