Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Michigan Beer-A Tradition To Savor!

Michigan beer is something that you cannot miss when you come to Michigan. It is even worth the trip if you come here only for the beer. The bars and breweries here are packed every season of the year. Beer breweries are no less than communities here, and beer production a cult. Many breweries here are world famous for the beer they produce.
The popularity of Michigan Beer has also led to its identity as the Great Beer State. Michigan is known worldwide for the breweries situated in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, and various other locations around the state. There is so much love for beer that it is almost an obsession. So much so that there are dedicated websites for brewery listing that give the contacts of beer retailers and beer breweries in Michigan.
Here's a skinny on what kind of information is provided by these websites.
Michigan Beer Websites
There are various websites dedicated only for information on Michigan beer breweries, bars, restaurants, pubs, apart from the information about brewing, production of beer, and various beer festivals organized by the Michigan Brewers Guild.
Also, if interested, you can always browse through the reviews and feedback posted by various beer lovers and connoisseurs. These reviews are fascinating in themselves because of the passion with which these are written. You can also find video reviews as well that talk about not only the famous breweries, pubs, restaurants, and bars, but also the not-so-famous ones that serve excellent beer.
These websites are helpful not only for the customers or the occasional tourists who want to explore the breweries here, but also for the breweries that can contact their customers directly through these websites. The choices in beer are unlimited and the opinions strong.
These friendly reviews help customers or visitors choose from among hundreds of options.
Some of these sites also sell beer-related products online. They may range from beer mugs to t-shirts. Other things that may be sold are shirts, pint glasses, bottle openers, and so on. All this is done to promote beer and therefore these products are sold on huge discounts. These sites are recently updated, so you can schedule your visits accordingly if you are a visitor. If you are visiting Michigan solely for beer, you must attend the summer or Winter Beer Fest organized by the Michigan Brewers Guild. Various kinds of beer can be tasted at very nominal rates.
Restaurants, bars, and pubs across Michigan serve beer brewed in their own state. The fan following is beyond imagination. These websites are exclusively dedicated for these fans who want to know about beer and beer breweries in Michigan.
Reviews and promotions for Michigan beer can be found easily on imabeerhound.com. The information given on the website is useful and all-inclusive. Michigan beer is prepared at Michigan Breweries situated at locations such as Kalamazoo, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and so on. Many sites post reviews about these breweries and the kinds of beer produced there. These reviews also include opinions on bars and restaurants that serve beer. Such websites as mentioned above also offers products related to beer such as Beer Hound t-shirts, pint glasses, and the like online.

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