Friday, May 13, 2011

Get Traffic to Your Website: How to Use Wikipedia to Increase Traffic

You have most likely read articles from Wikipedia and found them to be very informative. Did you know that you can also upload your own information on Wikipedia and have people from all over the world access it? Well that is not only possible but is also a way that some internet marketers are using to get traffic to their websites.
Wikipedia is not a link building website, nor does it in any way function like an article directory. In fact, its primary purpose is quite far from the way the internet marketers are using it for. The people behind this site intended it to be a credible source of information that would help its users. So, the question that most people ask is how can one use such a site like Wikipedia to  get traffic or increaseit for that matter? Here is how internet marketers are taking advantage of the opportunity.
Wikipedia allows individual users to upload their information on the website on any kind of information and topic. One can also edit particular information should they find it inaccurate or irrelevant. This is the chance that online marketers use. They take the advantage and use the website to advertise their business.
But is advertising a business on Wikipedia right?
It all depends on how you go about the whole thing. Wikipedia is not meant for advertising businesses but for providing important information to the users. As a matter of fact, the website removes any raw advertisements the moment they are detected since Wikipedia wants its users to benefit purely from information.
Does that mean that one cannot use Wikipedia to get traffic?
Not exactly; should you follow the website's regulations well, you could get lots of traffic to your website for free. This is how to do it. Concentrate on offering information on a topic that relates closely to your website niche. Bear in mind that you are addressing the users' need for the information that you are passing across and so you should be thorough and highly informative. You can then include links to your website.
In linking to your website, you should refer to it as a website from which the users can read more on say a topic that you just mentioned but cannot fully cover in the article. For example, if you are talking about hardwoods, you could mention hardwood doors and use the words "hardwood doors" as a link to your website. Since this is within the context of your topic, it would not be considered as just an advertising strategy. The interested users will then click on the link to find out more about hardwood doors and you  get traffic to your site.
Links from Wikipedia are considered authority links by search engines and therefore would go a long way in boosting your website rank. The advantages that this would bring to a website need not be emphasized.
There is however a disadvantage of using this marketing strategy. The fact that Wikipedia content can be altered creates a loophole which your competitors can use to soil your marketing efforts. A competitor may remove your links, your articles or worse, alter your information to create a bad name for your business. That would render your efforts to get traffic completely useless or even harmful.

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