Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to Grow your RSS Feed Subscribers:

There are perhaps many ways to judge the performance of a website. Page ranking and traffic statistics gives us a fair idea of the popularity of a website. The amount of income a website is generating to its owner is another crucial factor of analyzing its performance and impact on the web world. Yet another method which is highly gaining importance is the RSS feed subscription. The count of your website's RSS feed subscribers can literally narrate the story of the success of your website.
If you check the RSS subscriber counts for some of the world's most popular website you will be amazed. This shows there is a clear link between the website popularity, success and RSS feeds.
Let us take a look how you can actually increase your RSS feed subscribers from 0 to some thousands to start with:
The content really has to have the power to impress. Nobody will subscribe to your RSS if there is no potential information delivered. There are innumerous sites where a surfer can get the content for free then why he will subscribe to your RSS . You content needs to be unique and striking.
Even if your content has the power of words, but to make your RSS popular you need to update it regularly. People want fresh servings every now and then. If you fail to give them a crisp and unique dose regularly, you will lose the subscriber and fail to interest potential subscribers as well.
Ordinary people who know everything about the internet still do not have enough knowledge about RSS and its tool like RSS reader. Spreading a word of knowledge among your reader will benefit them as well as you. This could be achieved by writing an explanatory article along with your RSS feed button on its usefulness and how to use it.
Submit your RSS feed to RSS directories . This is a great and proven marketing stunt.
The RSS feed you offer should be a full feed. Teasers or partial feed annoys the subscribers.
Make the RSS button prominently visible on your website. The image selection should be such that it attracts and urges the visitor to click on it. The more distinct the RSS button image, the more it will help people to correlate it with your website.
If you already have a decent number of RSS subscribers, say above hundred, publish it to your website. More number of bloggers gets attracted seeing this number. Thus, making the number of your subscribers soar really high.
Some users might be reluctant in using the RSS reader software and some might be ignorant about its use. For them you can provide the FeedBurner icon on your website. This way they can receive the RSS updates directly in their mail boxes. They can now make the most out of your RSS subscription while enjoying the feed in their own familiar format.
Don't miss out on this last one. Entice your regular blog visitors with a spread of word about special posts only for RSS subscribers . This should include some real great tips so that the visitor to your blog is lured to subscribe to your RSS feed.

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