Saturday, May 21, 2011

How to Use an Autoresponder Creatively

One of the main reasons why new Internet marketers don't build their email list is because they feel it's a lot of work. But the truth is that an autoresponder service will automate email marketing so that you don't have to do much of anything. You want to work smarter, never harder. The autoresponder techniques listed below will offer some creative ways to get all you can from email marketing. Follow these tips for success and get yourself started w reliable autoresponder software . 1. You could run an e-course that your customers can pay you money for. That's right; this idea has been used by top Internet marketers like Joe Vitale, where he ran paid e-classes using nothing but an autoresponder. This is a type of coaching program where all training is offered to students through the autoresponder service. Your e-course is already created and programmed, so the autoresponder makes everything automated. Once your customers pay you, you can deliver each lesson to them on a regular basis via email. You don't have to include all the content in the email but have external links that point to videos, audio, etc.
2. Another great tip is to offer training to your affiliates, if you have a program like that in place, because that's a great way to provide value and it's also the perfect way to show them that you do care for them. The affiliates who are marketing your product will always be on the lookout for ways to improve, and when you automate everything you will get maximum results, as long as your training offers value. For example, your e-course may last a month long so you could program your autoresponder to send out the segments regularly until the monthly course is over. There are many different ways you can train your affiliates by leveraging an autoresponder if you can think out of the box. You can promote your site with backlink software . 3. You can create trivia quizzes on your site, related to your niche and have people give their email address for the answers. You should deliver these through an autoresponder, and that's how you get their addresses. Above all, from the article above you should now see just how much success you can get from autoresponder services, as long as you use them the correct way. While many new Internet marketers don't even use an autoresponder, you can be one step ahead of them by employing these tips into your online business. When internet marketers want to succeed, they know they have to provide great value, and autoresponders make this very easy to do. So go ahead and apply these techniques to your online business to enjoy the ultimate success. Once you get your list going you can start promoting awesome products like SEnuke X .

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