Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Service Design – A True Amalgamation of Service and Technology

The concept of service design is quite a simple one; it is all about creating a competitive and enriched consumer experience by providing maximum user benefits and also creating an educated link between service and technology. This is relatively new concept but a fast and emerging one as many enterprises have come to realize of the manifold benefits it can have on the business.
All business are involved in providing some sort of service or the other to customers and hence can benefit from the service discipline. There is such a wide array of services available these days and the best thing about the service design concept is that it can be incorporated into any sector at any level for a smooth and easy transition. All kinds of service providers from small scale retailers to giant corporations have now turned to this discipline to promote user experience at all levels especially those which involve advanced digital technology like banking services, telecommunication networks, insurance and health service providers.
Gone are the days of manual record keeping or data entry; digital interfaces have now made life easy for the common man. Service design is vastly responsible for this smooth transition from manual to automated for both the customer as well as the employees. A service design agency's main job is to understand the requirements of the service provider and the kind of change that has to be incorporated or the new services that has to be added to the existing portfolio. The team first makes detailed observations of the existing set-up to understand how the new service or change can be seamlessly incorporated. Then a detailed plan about the new service is prepared and handed to the provider for approval. Once approved, the plan has to be put in place and the new service gets incorporated in a smooth transition for the client and the provider.
For example; if a restaurant wants to go in for a new menu, the service design team will first study in detail the kind of food the restaurant specializes in. Next, the kind of clients who visit the place regularly, crowd favorites and also the kind of service provided is observed carefully. Then, the new menu is suggested taking it both the clients as well as the chef's recommendations so that the best of the old and the new get incorporated in the new one. This ensures that though the customers will take notice of the new and revamped menu, they will not miss their favorites and will also find it easy and exciting to try out the new changes.
The service design team conducts detailed analysis of the existing service and the way it is used by clients; only then, will the team be able to make the necessary changes or incorporate the new service effortlessly. Another big advantage of using this concept is that the enterprise or organization can function smoothly without any hitches while the new service is being put in place. This ensures that both the employees and the clients are not put through any difficulty and the resulting product is delivered to the customer in a smooth transition.

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