Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Benefits of Facebook Fans for Companies

A relatively new and strong marketing instrument is social media and the biggest social media giant is none other than Facebook. In this article, you will learn the advantages you get if you buy facebook fans. We are going to talk about the meaning of "fan" on facebook, how to benefit the viral marketing and how it transforms into sales conversions. The 1st benefit of facebook likes is the increased exposure. When you start advertising your business on facebook, you make a new page, and then you start advertising your new page. Investing in social media ads is one of the ways to market your business, but the most successful way is getting as many fans as you can investing as little as you can. What does a fan really mean? Each person that hits the like button of your page becomes your fan. From now on, the fan will receive notices every time you post something on your page, or when you write comments. Another benefit is that sending messages to your fans is smoother than communicating through a standard e-mail newsletter. The potential customers are closer to you and your sales will automatically be higher. When you get facebook fans, you can understand what viral marketing means. Fans are bringing more and more fans. About 40% of your fans are likely recommend your page to one of their friends. So, how do you get your first fans? Encourage people to like your page. A fan equals a like. You can try advertising your page in many ways, but you'll never get the same results than if you purchase facebook fans directly. In the beginning when you have zero fans you'll need to buy a decent number of fans to start attract new fans. You can buy hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands and more fans, depending on your business. What conversion rates do you expect? This will be hard to predict since it depends on the number of fans you get, and how fast the other fans will add-up. One thing is certain; the conversion rates are higher than those of e-mail marketing and newsletters. The potential customers on facebook can be targeted more easily, and once your sales increase, the viral platform will generate a lasting flow of sales. If you buy facebook fans you'll have all these advantages for your company. Believe it or not, this is the fastest way to build up your popularity. When you purchase facebook fans , you'll think that you should've tried this earlier. Compare it with any orthodox way to get facebook fans and decide for yourself.

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