Sunday, July 10, 2011

Internet Marketing Strategies SEO Services Vs PPC

When a company starts to market on the internet, one of the goals it should try to fulfill is to try and get as much visitors to a site. The more visitors a site can get, the better the chances that it will make more sales which will drive up revenue. There are two different ways that a company can do this:
Pay Per Click
This a method of internet marketing online to make money where a company or individual earns a royalty or commission every time an individual user clicks on a specified link.
It's very quick to setup
When this method is used, there is no need to setup a site or even create articles to direct a user to a specified site. One of the things that slows many companies and individuals down is time it takes to setup website or blog. When this strategy is used, no site has to be built or articles have to be written. One needs to simply create an account with a search engine that supports this strategy and create an ad campaign.
Highly targeted visitors
This is one big advantage of using this strategy, a company can target the users it wants to reach with their specific ad campaign. Advertising will only be shown to people who are looking for a specific item or topic. Specific keywords would need to be considered when generating the campaign.
It costs money
Pay-Per-Click may not always be cheap, but this depends on the keywords that are bid on. If there are a lot of people bidding on a keyword, chances are good that the price to bid on the keyword will be more. When this strategy is used, a company or individual will have to pay for each click it receives for a certain ad campaign. If a company is not careful, it could potentially lose a lot of money if the keywords and the strategies used are not efficient.
There are no guarantees
Many new online marketers have this illusion that if they setup a pay-per-click campaign and pay the ad fees that they will generate tons of money. Merely paying the fees will not guarantee anything. It's possible that the users looking for certain keywords may not be interested in purchasing your product or people may have clicked it by mistake. In other words, it's a wasted click and whether they buy or not, a company is still responsible for paying the cost of the click.
Search Engine Optimisation
In a nutshell, it's simply the use of different online methods to help improve a web page's search engine ranking results.
Doesn't cost too much
When a site first goes up, it will usually not rank in the first few pages. All that is needed is to optimise the page of a site with the proper use of keywords. The next thing that needs to be done is to build links back to the site. If there are a lot of good quality links that lead back to a company's site, it will improve the page rankings immensely.
More long-term
This method is not a quick solution, but it will have a good long-term effect on a company. If done consistently and with the proper strategies, a company could potentially rank high for a lot of quality keywords which will mean even more traffic.
It takes time
This is not a quick solution, but if it has a vision to be a leader online in the long-term, this could be the ideal solution. Help can also be had from companies that offer SEO services.
Internet marketing has become an art form for many companies in the last few years. Some of the strategies employed by many companies are quite innovative. But, the strategies used follow either the SEO or PPC principles. One should be cautious when using Pay-per-click because if used incorrectly, it could cause an organization to spend thousands without receiving the proper benefits or potentially none. SEO does take time, but with proper planning and with the help of companies that offer SEO services , the time to implement this strategy can be reduced drastically.

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