Saturday, July 16, 2011

Joomla for You to Design Magnificent Website!

We often come across the queries regarding the design of website, which to consider and which to ignore. Questions often arise about the use of software. People ask for Dreamweaver, word press, drupal or Joomla. Being a professional London web designers , I can't be biased on one particular designing software, but it never means that I should not recommend my user about the best one. The CMS website has just brought revolution in the field of designing. CMS is content management system and it facilitates its user in maintaining the website easily. A user can just write edit and upload anything on their website. Joomla, Drupal and Word press are the example of these CMS. All these software has its own importance and each one is heavy on one another. In this article I will be discussing about Joomla and how is it helpful in designing fabulous website. There is no doubt that the initialization of the website is tough but once got the swing no one can beat the design. And the statement is not said in air, we have been designing website since very long and till now have designed couple dozen of Joomla website. And the best part of these CMS based website is that each of our clients has been able to handle the work of up-dating the website. In a nutshell I can say that Joomla is a perfect platform for the one who want to be an active participant of ever-changing web presence. Joomla Made Easy The literal meaning of the word Joomla is ‘all together' and it is a Swahili word. This is a Content Management System and is similar to Drupal and Wordpress (other website designing software of CMS). The software in Joomla uses a database to store and manage the content. These content are fed dynamically into the website and half the work is done. Here I would like to quote a simple example to make the concept clear in the mind of our user. For instance, if you have a website, say a news portal; it needs regular update. If your website is build in HTML than you need to know the coding, otherwise with each unique content you have to content your provider or develop. At the best if you know the coding than also you need to go to every pages and change the code according to the new content. And this monotonous procedure is broken with Joomla , because it has its own database and one can set it dynamically whenever user is ready with new content, ideas, videos and pictures. From now, no more requesting is needed to expensive developers. This also helps links of the latest update to get indexed. Apart from dynamic content generation, the great Joomla also tenders a host of extensions which adjoin its functionality. Photo galleries, event registration programs, calendars, classified ad etc. can be easily done on Joomla. So, a suggestion from London web developers to its respected client, move to the contemporary world and believe on designing software like Joomla .

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