Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pay For Performance of Your SEO Experts

SEO Till Now Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is popularly known the world over, is now amply discussed topic. What is SEO, is it useful, how is it useful, what are the advantages of SEO, how SEO is done, who does the SEO, what sources are required for SEO, what not to do in SEO - all these questions about SEO have been discussed in detail and supposedly detailed answers have been obtained about each of them. Now, one area that still needs some more light is related to Search Engine Optimization experts. Till now, the field of Search Engine Optimization was only under development and was in a learning phase. Role of Expert Now that the field has grown substantially and reached a maturity level, there are people who have identified a new professional path as an SEO expert. SEO was mostly understood as a part of web designing and content development. However SEO has grown so much in detail, including so many new and highly technical parameters, that it has become almost imperative to handle the issue separately. Therefore, the role of a professional having specific expertise in handling the processes related to SEO has been identified unanimously. Some of the important tasks that may be handled by an expert handling the SEO process of a website can be: Ensure that the design of all the web pages of the website is compatible with SEO with parameters such as: * Site map * Hyperlinks * Headers and Footers Write, proofread and edit the content of the website according to the requirement of SEO Measuring Performance Measuring the performance and paying accordingly for the SEO work done by an expert can be very tricky. Unlike tasks such as web designing, where the performance of an expert can be measured in concrete terms by looking at the completed work, judging the performance of SEO work is difficult. The primary reason for this is the timeline associated with the returns associated with SEO and secondly because the parameters of measuring the performance of a website that has been search engine optimized are not well defined. It may take quite a while before your SEO efforts actually start showing some results in identifiable or unidentifiable form. And when it comes to rewarding the SEO expert for his efforts, you would like to pay him inappropriately. Therefore, an owner of a website who has got his website SEOed by an expert needs to identify parameters which he can measure, use to assess the performance of SEO, and accordingly reward the expert. Some of the most commonly used parameters for this purpose are number of visits to the website, number of total visitors, number of unique visitors, number of new and old visitors, frequency of visits and visitors, and number of page views. These parameters can easily be calculated using widely available analytics tools that can provide detailed reports on the trends related to your website. It is up to the website owner which parameters he wants to choose and pay accordingly to his expert.

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