Sunday, July 10, 2011

SMTP Service: Indispensable for E-mail Marketing

Internet is a medium based on which business marketing is blooming to its height. Communication is the basic mode provided by the internet which helps to grow business. E-mail marketing has achieved the zenith of accomplishment. When it comes to e-mail marketing, we cannot forget SMTP service. For e-mail transmission across internet protocol networks Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP is used. 1982 was the year when it was eventually introduced among the users. Most of the e-mail systems use it to send messages from one server to another. E-mail marketing is a non-stop conversation going between the clients and to maintain a healthy relationship, this service is essential for delivering mails to their costumer. You must be wandering to know that why it is so important to use SMTP service? The answers are:
It sends bulk mails.
It sends mails at ones to thousands of customers situated around the world.
SMTP receives e-mails from the e-mail sending softwares.
It can easily identify the domains where the mails need to be delivered.
It delivers the e-mails according to the recipient's domain address.
The most common problem among the users is that the mails take too much time to deliver. Suppose you have to send 1000 mails to different customers at once to sponsor the new project. You have invested a lump sum amount of money behind setting the project properly. You are sending mails to the customers but in the middle of this process you notice the failure reports of e-mail deliveries. How will you feel? How you can compensate the efforts and money you have invested behind this business? SMTP service is the answer of your quarries. By using SMTP you can get rid of these problems easily. Let me give you a description of how to start outgoing mail on SMTP service. Get a fix IP address of your own: it is required because every time you log in, it remains static and that is useful to maintain the records.

Constitute the forward and reverse DNS solutions: it helps to stop spamming and helps you to find you by the domain name.

Verify black-lists: this is accessed with DNS query.

SPF configuration is required: this is optional DNS records.

Then set the domain keys: it is optional.

It takes too much time to get delivered.
Sometimes e-mails get deferred also.
Sometimes the mail doesn't reach to the specific domain.
As the bulk increases, the e-mail response starts decreasing.

SMTP service

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