Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Should my business set up a Facebook page?

Facebook is the social networking site which helps people to communicate with their communities, family, friends and even strangers. It is a social and marketing phenomenon which has changed the way people communicate and stay connected.
According to the Facebook statistic page 10 000 new websites integrate with Facebook every day. The platform enables companies to easily integrate their websites with Facebook and gain intimate access to users and their social networks.
If used properly Facebook is unparalleled in its message distribution potential. It has 500 million users, with over 250 million users logging on every single day. Facebook is an opportunity to reach and connect with customers but only for the right kind of businesses.
The success of a business' Facebook page depends on a number of factors. The most important factor is audience or customer base.  Does your business target an audience who use Facebook? If your business makes dentures or colostomy bags there is probably not any benefit to be found from creating a Facebook page. A company which targets 18 – 25 year olds would do well to consider using Facebook.
The second factor is product. What is your company selling or providing? Some products easily lend themselves to promotion on Facebook. Non-profit causes, nightclubs, chocolate bars, fashion, any industry which lends itself to some form of social currency to be associated with. There are some businesses which people do not want to be connected with on their social networks. For example not many women are going to be linking to their gynecologist's Facebook page.
Companies should also consider how often people use your service or invest in your products. If a purchase is only a one-time thing there is no great need to form an ongoing every day relationship with those customers.  An undertaker does not need to be in constant contact with their customers, in fact, most customers would probably rather forget they ever needed an undertaker's services.
Setting up and maintaining your Facebook page can be time consuming, as is any relationship building activity. It needs regular updates and this takes time to generate new content.  There is no point starting a Facebook page and then stopping, a badly maintained Facebook group looks worse than having no Facebook group at all. You need to consider does our business have the potential to generate enough interesting and frequent new content to attract users to a Facebook page.
Lastly ask yourself why do we want to set up a company Facebook page? There is no evidence to show Facebook  drives up sales. If you are hoping to use Facebook as your one marketing technique then you may be sadly disappointed. Facebook is not the one basket to put all your eggs in. Facebook is simply a tool to keep your company in the minds of your customers. 

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