Friday, July 29, 2011

Elementary Schools and Email Marketing

But, of course, parents are eager to know—and should be eager to know—every bit of news that happens at school. So how to inform parents in a more modern, less wasteful way? Email marketing for elementary schools is a perfect solution both now and going forward into the future!
Parents using phrases such as "elementary school email marketing" might elicit a quizzical glance from THEIR parents—i.e. today's grandparents—but the parents of children who just completed kindergarten this spring very likely don't remember a world in which there WASN'T email. These parents of young school-age children were children themselves as computers exploded in popularity and teenagers once everyone began traveling the information superhighway. So there won't be much of an adjustment period at all for parents as they get used to the idea of learning about scholastic news and events via email marketing for elementary schools.
Starting and maintaining an elementary school email marketing campaign is easy and far from time consuming. Collect emails from the parents—who are more accustomed to communicating via email than the telephone anyway—when they enroll their children in school or during orientation exercises. Let them know the school is participating in an elementary school email marketing program and that much of the information about the school will be distributed this way.
There are a variety of email marketing programs on the market, most of which will fit into any budget—no small consideration in an era in which school funds are being slashed everywhere—and can be handled by anyone with a moderate amount of computer experience. If outside instruction is needed, it is usually brief and inexpensive.
Some correspondence, of course, cannot be made a part of email marketing for elementary schools. For instance, school calendars and lunch menus will always be printed out and hung on refrigerators, while progress reports, disciplinary letters and other unpleasant necessities of educational life need to be printed out and delivered to parents as well! But for the relatively mundane day-to-day events such as attendance policies, a schedule of after school activities and the "call list" for parents to follow for school delays and closings, a program of email marketing for elementary schools will more than suffice.
Email marketing for elementary schools is the wave of the future, and what better time than now to implement it, especially with parents who are already familiar with the concept of email marketing. Elementary schools will save time, money and supplies with email marketing—order your school's email marketing software today!

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