Friday, July 15, 2011

Benefits of a Link Directory

Having a good Google Page Rank is one thing, keeping it is a different thing all together that requires lots of regular attention. You always have to have fresh content and relevant reciprocal links. Here are a few insights on the benefits of proper links directory. Directory Structure First and foremost, always categorize your directory well whereby you should have several categories for better organization. With more categories, your web visitors will be able to locate certain links faster. You should never have more than 20 links in each web page. No link partner wants their website to be number 100 on your link page. One would rather be link no.3 on page number 3 than link number 100 on page no. 1. You should also remember that when the search engines spiders crawl your website, they are able to notice more pages on your site hence determine the quality of content on the webpages, something your link partners and website visitors will appreciate very much. Reduce the depth of your categories into not more than 3 levels deep for easy navigation for your site visitors and also for the search engine spiders. Note that the search engine spiders will crawl each of your web pages to determine the page rank based on the content available and the distance the webpage is from the home page. As a rule of thumb, always remember that a level down the homepage costs the page a pagerank lower as per its location from the homepage. How to Advertise in Your Directory You can advertise some of the best sites you are affiliated with by planning a banner on each web page but ensure you keep the pages as neat as possible. Always leave quality space on the right and left sides of your directory. The other way to advertise is to sell banner spots with a well organized and neatly categorized directory, why not sell ad space to the vendors who have products or services related to that particular category. Another way to do it is to offer the top most spot on a given page for trade or sale for an equal link for your website in another persons directory Boiled down, there is always an exception to the rule. If there is a website that isnt in the category that your website is in, and which has an admirable Google page rank that you can take advantage of to boost your SE rankings, and you want to link to the website, here is a useful tip. In addition to your normal links directory, create a smaller separate reciprocal links directory which can be a page, two pages, and utmost 3 pages. The directory should have a direct link from your home page and should be titled something like Highly Recommended Links or Special Link Partners. To this special directory you should only add page ranks of 6 and7 or even higher. This ensures that your most treasured and important link partners wont have their links buried in your cluttered link directory.

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