Saturday, July 30, 2011

Let's Talk About Cloud Computing Security

Every study conducted about cloud computing expressed that the peak grounds specified for not considering it is the agony and risk over data protection. Sharing the business confidential and vital files to cloud provider is quiet a vast threat. Cloud providers have a straight authority to manage and make use company records.
These are the most common questions which pertain to cloud computing security issues: What happens if the information accumulated and stored on a cloud device faces a major risk? Will the cloud user recognize it? If it is not recognized, how will cloud users be inform especially if the confidentiality of data is violated? Many private and public institutions are conducting their own research to have more detailed information about this great risk of it.
Almost every investigation or study completed about its articulated that the top reason given for not adopting and considering cloud computing is a distress over safety measures. Putting the business private and critical files in the hands and care of cloud provider is quiet a great risk. Cloud providers has a direct power to control and make use business data and information. Many speculations arises that giving and sharing personal data to a cloud provider is more anxious than having it on in-house servers associated and connected to the Internet. The recent case of privacy violations happens in the US Government network, wherein a UK hacker hacked the main server of the US Government. This scenario is a good example of great danger with file storage of computing. Sometimes cyber espionage or spying can also be done causing a bankruptcy to some small to medium enterprises (SMEs). Deleting and getting back your data after deciding to stop the cloud service is also impossible. Remember that when you subscribe to its application and services, you almost certainly won't have the idea accurately on where your data is being stored. In reality, you might not even identify what country it will be stored in.
In conclusion, Issues regarding cloud computing security will be elevated as a concern around many months or years to come. There is still several effort and work to be accomplished before more official standards can be implemented. Private institution like the Cloud Security Alliance had a great responsibility of addressing this security issue of cloud computing.

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