Thursday, July 21, 2011

Google Search Rank - The Increasing Significance of Original Content

A representative from Godot media, a reputed content solutions company asserted that, "The changes in Google's search engine algorithm are expected to greatly impact the entire web development and content industry. The algorithm change will hopefully push down the ‘spam' websites in results and reward the more useful high quality content webpages". Changes in Google's search algorithm are expected to impact the existing search engine rankings of webpages significantly. Although changes were made last year, the Google team felt the need for further action to successfully tackle content farms. To avoid spam and duplicate content from ranking high in the search results, additional changes were launched in the second half of January 2011. Websites are ranked and the most useful results are provided to users using an algorithm. As many as 200 criteria which include link popularity and use of keywords are considered in Google's search algorithm. The uniqueness of content plays a vital role in determining Google search rank of a website. Google is constantly tweaking its algorithm to tackle duplicate content, and offer useful content to users. Godot Media spokesperson said that the primary aim behind the recent alterations in Google's search algorithm was to encourage the sites that offer original content and penalize the sites that offer duplicate content. According to Matt Cutts, the voice of Google search algorithm updates, the primary reason behind the two big changes made in the search algorithm in 2010 were spam containing sites and content farms. For search marketers, all these developments mean that they are required to give more significance to the creation of unique and relevant content. The Godot Media spokesperson also provided useful tips for search marketers to make the most of these changes and improve their website search ranks. Some useful suggestions for webmasters: Give due importance to generation of unique and useful content for your target audience. Stuffing articles with too many keywords is not a good web content strategy anymore. The keywords must not look out of place in the content and an optimum density should be maintained. It is extremely difficult to get away with any content duplication as Google's search algorithm has grown quite intelligent at catching this. Replace any form of content duplication present on your website, including definitions or direct quotations. It would be a good idea to carry out a review of all the content on your website to ensure that it is up-to-date and relevant. Launch of the latest alterations in Google's search algorithm has increased the importance of original content more than ever. Original and fresh content is vital to boost your website's Google search rankings. According to the Godot spokesperson, concentrating on the requirements of your readers, rather than fussing over your search ranks, is the right strategy towards your website content. If you wish to boost your search rank, you need to concentrate on providing quality content to your readers because the ultimate aim of search engines is to offer the most useful content to the users.

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