Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Make Free Cash Online - Writing Articles Can Easily Make Free Cash Online

If you write just one article, and then search for instances of it within Google a week after publication, you will probably find that it has been copied onto many other websites. Even though this hasnt cost you a dime, your only expenditure is in time and effort after all, this investment has the chance to make free cash online quickly, because that article can be seen by thousands or even millions of people. If any article you write has links within your resource box back to a place that can make you money, then all you need to do is wait for someone to click upon that link and you make free cash online! This is why article submission is so very popular, and will continue to remain so. Even the companies that accept your article and publish it will make free cash online from you, because they can place adverts alongside your article, and because the search engines will find the article and send traffic to it, the adverts will be seen by many people. Many websites out there are desperate to publish new content on their sites that can attract new visitors. Provided they follow the rules about maintaining your resource box, your links within that box should be carried over to the site with your article, again increasing the chance that you can make free cash online. You will probably want to link to your email sign up form in one of your links (just to guarantee that you can contact that visitor again in future) and perhaps to something that actually makes money with the other link. Most article publishing services only allow you two self serving links within the resource box, and some cannot show html, show you are best to enter the actual full link address rather than anchor text on your second link just to guarantee they can get to your website - then you can make free cash online! One word about putting affiliate links within your resource box - some article publishers do not like to accept affiliate links in the resource box unless that link is from the top level domain (homepage redirection). You are not allowed to redirect from a sub domain or any other page or directory on your website (so in this case the only way around this would be to link to a page on your website, and then after you have your article published simply set that page to redirect to the affiliate link after all. However this would probably stop the spread of your article to other publishers after the time that you alter the redirect.) If you are promoting an affiliate product, then choosing one that has a two tier payout system will be the best way that you can make free cash online, because you will benefit initially from any sales that you make, and you will also benefit from all the sales that are made from anyone that joins underneath you (within your pipeline). That second person will make the biggest commission for all the work they have done promoting the product, but you will still get yourself a smaller commission even though you did not have to do anything - what better way is there to make free cash online?!

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