Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Writing for a Men's Dating Site Washington DC

If I were to have a job writing for a men's Dating Site Washington DC, I would write about more than just dating and women.  Sex alone is not enough to make a man want to read a magazine or website.
One of the most interesting things (for whatever reasons) to a man is sports.  Some men, believe it or not, would rather go to a golf course than to a strip club.  As a woman, I wouldn't be able to write even a short paragraph about why a certain sports team should fire their coach, but I could write a two page elaboration about why I would rather spend a night in a dating site strip club than half an hour at a golf course.
Then, of course, I would have to write about Dating Site Washington DC cars.  Nothing revs a man's engine more than a breakdown of specs on an unreleased or illegal-in-the-U.S.-because-it-is-so-"badass" model (by which I mean CAR model, not a sexy female).  This would be really easy for me.  Just like the Playmate of the Month feature in Playboy magazine does for their woman, I would do this for the car:  spread five or six pictures of different angles in the first few pages (interior, front, rear, side view, engine, etc.), put a big poster side centerfold in the middle, and write the specs on the last page (instead of measurements, cup size, turn ons and turn offs, I would write the top speed and engine specs).
Other than women, cars, and sports, the only other thing that you can depend on to be on a man's mind is simple- stupid stuff.  Cover captions like The Best Fart Jokes of 2011, The Lager List That You Don't Want to Miss, Movies About the Zombie Apocalypse, Stupidest First-Person Shooter Games of All Times, Expensive Electronics That Are Totally Worth It, and The Hottest Online Dating Sites are sure to capture men's attentions and make a magazine sale.
So if you think you need tons of cute girls to have a successful Dating Site Washington DC , you couldn't be more wrong.  Sports, cars, and KISS (keep it simply stupid) is the perfect trio of material to sell a magazine or monthly website subscription to a man.

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