Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cloud Computing: Availability & Service Levels Issue

Blackout in the availability and service of cloud computing is a major issue to some cloud users. This is also a severe subject to numerous businessmen .Businessmen are concerned about the serious effect of it in every minute of blackout. A short time of blackout can have great effect to the trade revenue.
One of the most widespread alarm and issue on the topic of cloud computing is the likelihood for blackout if the application and service isn't accessible for use. This is a serious matter in relation to many businessmen; given that each minute of blackout is the exact time that some vital business task or transaction can't be executed. A minute of shut down can have great effect to the business sales or revenue and to the status of the business. These concerns regarding the availability and service levels of it are more aggravated and worsen by the current extremely public inaccessibility issue of some of the major cloud providers like the Google, Amazon and Yahoo. To give explanation of these issues, cloud-computing supporter are fast to spot a small number of enterprises to IT infrastructures are as excellent as those controlled by foremost or major cloud providers.
A lot of companies consider implementing cloud computing. They will make sure to the service-level agreements (SLAs) of the cloud provider to guarantee them several comforts about accessibility and availability of cloud service. Unexpectedly, a number of cloud providers don't even present service-level agreements to their users and some offer service-level agreements but it's inadequate or insufficient. Cloud providers should accept the responsibility and the duty of offering credible service-level agreements (SLAs) to their users to increase the level cloud credibility and integrity.
IT experts expect that due to the increased rivalry among cloud vendor this probably facilitate and will press on the newly competitor or vendor to offer better guarantee and assurance to their clients. Always remember that it is not necessarily true if a cloud provider articulates that they can carry and deliver a particular service over the Web superior than an interior IT organization. It's a lot better to be sure than to have a regret at the end. And even if what they say is true, how can a cloud user know that their cloud provider is doing the service time after time. So potential cloud users should be vigilant and be sure of their chosen cloud provider.

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