Thursday, July 21, 2011

Free Search For People is Truly Free

If you are searching for personal information regarding a specific individual (background check, criminal and/or civil records, contact info, etc.), or you are trying to locate someone (an old classmate, a long lost relative, an old friend, an old crush, etc.), an online free search for people or background check service is available at the internet. But with these online programs you must observe extra caution. Many of these sites are evidently identified as scams that would just take your money and leave you with outdated or useless information. What's worse, these information may not be legal. The goal of this article is to show you what separates the legitimate online people search engines against the scams. There are evidently countless people search and background check websites readily available for use so we need to be careful in choosing the service we want to use since some of which may involve you to register and/or pay an amount for the report you might want to generate for your search. Majority of the search engines available may provide outdated and useless information or no information at all regarding your search parameters. Normally, our goal is to be able to get full background information on certain specific individuals of which includes criminal records, residential history, marriage and divorce records, birth records, updated phone numbers, emails, identity verification, social network affiliations, social security records, and much much more. Where most services will not be able to provide all these information, there is a service that have integrated all these information requirements into one search engine.


Before we go to the specific website, what are the criteria used to evaluate these online people search engines? Here they are: * Accuracy - for investigative reports, information should be up-to-date and specific. It must be accurate and updated, otherwise such information shall be considered useless. Try to check the accuracy of information by trying it to known individuals like yourself or close friends and relatives. This is one way to evaluate how up-to-date and accurate are the information of a free search for people site. * Relevance - Information should also be important aside from being accurate in nature. For example, if someone gets accurate information about criminal history, but they were wanting to find marriage records, then the results are not relevant. * Comprehensiveness - the first two criteria may seem to be enough but being comprehensive tops it all. This shows how new information are evident on the database of a search engine. A dependable search engine updates its information on a regular basis so as to keep information current and complete. * Site Simplicity - the website to which the functions reside should be easy to use that even a new web surfer can operate. Sometimes the complexity of the site comes from the amount of information it can give making users move around the module with difficulty. Simple is best which eventually results to its user-friendliness. * Site and Author Credentials - while it is important that the information is relevant, accurate and comprehensive, it is but equal importance that the source of information and the owner of the site operating the service is trustworthy, legal and with valid certifications. Privacy laws should be observed on these services as well as other laws that may seem relevantly attached to the service. * Satisfaction Guarantee - if information offered is for sale or requires subscription membership, it must have a money-back guarantee backed by a reputable payment processor. This guarantee will make people trust the output of their search and make sure that irrelevant information output can lead to a refund of payment made due to unsatisfactory information released. If you happen to find these criteria over a free search for people site you would use, then more or less you may be using a good search engine. Just see if the search engine fits these criteria and double check the accuracy of information before subscribing or doing some survey forms to benefit its search results. With the items above, you can evade scam sites that eventually takes your time, effort and even money for worthless, inaccurate and expired information.

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