Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Web development of micro websites

Creation of micro websites is fast emerging new trend. The new movement in web development is the result of some changing habits of the visitors of the sites as well as the need to be specific in offering products and services to them. Today, website development has come out with the thinking that visitors no longer want to go through all the site pages as they are searching only some specific information or products. Micro websites are of one or two pages for a particular detail about a product or any information.
Usually, micro websites comprise of one or two pages and are linked to the parent website. In some cases, these sites serve as key word landing page. It is mainly due to searching habits of the users that such smaller website has emerged on the scene. These sites have a restricted amount of content that visitors can scan quickly. The job of an application development professional is to optimize such a site in such a way that it becomes a major online marketing tool for a business.
If you are interested in web development of micro websites and want to make a good business out of it, you have to follow some tips. There are many advantages of focusing on website application development of micro website.
First of all, know that web development of micro website is aimed to promote a smaller but specific portion of your business. So, if you think that a particular product of the business requires more attention and is very crucial for existence of your online business, then create a separate website consisting of one or two pages and write a catchy content for it. Employ select keywords and optimize them as per appropriate density on the site pages.
Thus, you do not require an entirely new website of bigger size for your expanding business and these sites are easily manageable. Another advantage of web development of these smaller sites is that you can create them as an experiment for launching some products that are new to you and your business. This way, you can take risks without incurring huge costs. It is only when you have a success; you can launch a full website.
Web development of smaller sites of few pages exposes one or two products or services to chosen visitors to turn them into buyers. Such a micro site can have features like animations, polls, quizzes and games in order to attract the younger customers, who usually do not like larger websites.
These smaller sites and their easier web development allow you to respond quickly to launch a marketing campaign. You can even create complex features on such a small site.
These sites also allow you to make fast strategies for search engine optimization as there are only few pages to manage. You can thus dominate more URLs that are keyword rich since you can create many such sites due to their smaller size. Thus, we can say that web development of micro websites is easier and effective for prompting of your online business and its specific products.
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