Friday, July 15, 2011

Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up a Link Directory

When adding a link directory to your website, there are some very important mistakes that you should avoid, failure to which you will be accumulating big problems for the near future. - Never create a directory page with all links on a single page, always place 20-30 links on any given page. This is because some websites will avoid linking to yours if their link will be placed among too many other links as this dilutes the value of their link. - Avoid having sub-categories and sub sub-categories from your main category pages because if the directory is more than 2 levels deep, or two clicks away from the home page, the search engines are less likely to index the page and in the event they are indexed, they will get a lower ranking. Because most webmasters know this point, chances of them linking to you to be placed 2 clicks away from the home page are very slim. - Take time to select the names for your link categories which you will want to use now and in future as it will be very hard and costly to change names later on. Costly in the sense that once a page is created by the link manager software, it automatically uses the category name assigned to it and it will be indexed and ranked by the search engines. Later on if you decide to change the names, the link manager software creates a new page with the new name meaning you will end up losing the page rank you had built in the earlier page. Needless to mention, if your link partners had linked to you because the page you had placed them on had a good ranking, once you rename the page the rank drops to zero, and most likely your link partners will also drop the link back to your site. - You shouldnt link to a site just because it has a good ranking with the search engines, look at how relevant the site will be to your visitors. If the site has good content related to the theme of your website but a poor page rank, you should consider linking to it as later on the page rank is likely to improve. - For a website to achieve better rankings with the Search engines, it has to be built tightly around the theme of the site. As such, you should take the time to plan the link directory, preferably on paper first as you decide on the name to assign to each relevant category that you will create. - Once you are done setting up the link directory, you shouldnt assume you have finished everything and you can now sit back and relax. No, you should test and retest each aspect to ensure all work as per plan before your site visitors start arriving. - It can be very tedious to manually check how your links are doing on other websites reason why you should invest in a good link directory software that automatically checks links the presence of links to your site and goes ahead to suspend and delete any links that are repeatedly absent. Good software not only schedules to check links but also send out emails automatically to webmasters informing them of missing or broken links.

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