Sunday, July 10, 2011

How Narrow Is Your Niche?

Many marketers make the mistake of shooting too broad for their websites. Niche marketing is all about getting narrow - zeroing in on a very specific target market so you can give them exactly what they need.
Niche marketing helps you:

Get search engine traffic - by focusing on long tail keyword phrases (with multiple keywords) you can get more search engine traffic than if you are trying to target more competitive keyword terms.

Come up with great content - if you know exactly who you're marketing to, it's much easier to find the blog topics, report topics and webinar topics that will appeal directly to them.

Utilize social media - knowing your audience intimately can help you focus your social media strategy so that you're zeroed in on connecting with the right people and creating the right updates.

So as you can see, finding the right niche market can greatly improve your results and make the process of marketing your business that much easier. The question then becomes "How do I know if my niche is narrow enough?" Selecting a niche that is too broad or too oversaturated can make it difficult for you to get any of the benefits of niche marketing.
You can drill down and find the right niche by getting specific about your audience, your method and/or your voice. Let's take the weight loss niche for example. This niche is notoriously overpopulated but you can still make headway if you get specific enough.
Here are three ways to get narrow with this very popular niche.
Your product is a weight loss ebook and coaching course. In your mind, this would appeal to anyone who wants to lose weight. But for marketing purposes, that's a terrible stance to take. You need to drill down and get even more specific.
You can get specific by focusing on your audience:
"Weight Loss for Complete Idiots"
"Weight Loss for Grandmas"
"Weight Loss for College Students"
"Weight Loss for Dog Owners"
You can get specific by focusing on your method:
"Weight Loss with Juicing"
"Weight Loss with Carbohydrate Cutting"
"Weight Loss with Vegetarian Meals"
You can get specific with your voice:
"Weight Loss brought to you by the Get Skinny Jerk"
"Weight Loss brought to you by the Get Skinny Therapist"
"Weight Loss brought to you by the Get Skinny Comedian"
Do you see how each of these angles produces a completely unique marketing platform and voice for your business in the overcrowded marketplace? It's important to differentiate yourself and drill down to get as narrow of a niche as possible (while still remaining profitable). If none of these appeal to you, you can try doing a combination of two ("Weight Loss for Complete Idiots brought to you by the Get Skinny Jerk") or even three ('Weight Loss with Juicing for College Students brought to you by the Get Skinny Comedian").

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