Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Design and Optimize Your Site at the Same Time

New sites need much more to rank and place a site on the first page of any search engine. The methods and techniques for ranking websites have nothing to do with visual composition, although the overall aesthetics do play a part in the time that visitors stay on the site and are encouraged to read, buy or participate within the context or goal of the site owners. And of course overall traffic is one element for ranking. There are some really great web designers who, for one reason or another don't know how or why search engine optimization steps should be incorporated from conception to launch. Let's remember that the major search engines don't really 'look' at the site in the same way visitors do. Asheville web design firms abound in the area and design talent is evident when you look at the many organization and business websites created by some of these people. When looking for a design firm or individual, one of the first things that should be determined is where the sites they have designed rank in their individual keyword categories. However, not all can be found on the first page of the top search engines. One rank killer that many people don't realize is using content from other websites. This is where a seasoned and diversified web designer who understands the importance of creating their websites to a set of search engine optimization guidelines. In some cases this is an innocent mistake, especially if the owner of the site is offering information from an expert source and simply copies and pastes news stories or essays from several other sites that have information they want to share with their followers. So they provide this content to their web designer who, not knowing that duplicate content will automatically lower overall page rank, adds it to the pages. Another mistake that will cost the website owner their precious page rank is to think that once the site is built and content in place that it should remain forever. When in fact, sites that have new content added on a regular basis are seen as more reliable than sites where content never changes. Consistently updating the content on a site helps to increase the amount of relevant content and will ultimately greatly improve its ranking. If it is up to you to do this make sure that you choose the phrase or words that are relevant to your business or organization, it should also be one that isn't too popular. Web design Asheville NC recommends that even before the website overall design is decided upon, that the main keyword phrase should be determined. And if your designer isn't SEO savvy you are going to have to make sure that at the very least that they add the keyword phrases to the appropriate pages. I know this may sound like counter-intuitive advice but the reality is that extremely popular keywords are very desirable and so very competitive.

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