Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Chris Farrell Membership - Can Reality TV Make You An Internet Marketing Success?

I hate reality TV . It's gotten so bad that I'm embarrassed that my wife loves it so much. I just hope I'm not with her when we're out in public and she makes mention of some stupid show she was watching. I really can't even be in the room when she decides to watch one of these shows. So instead of wasting my time watching reality TV, I work on my blog and have quietly become an internet marketing success story as a result.
I did a little bit of research and discovered that the show Survivor in 2002 started the latest craze in reality TV . I must admit that briefly I kind of enjoyed Who Wants To Be A Millionaire back when it was all the rage, but its been downhill ever since. I thought American Idol was pathetic and I had to gag when The Bachelor came on the air. My internet marketing success really kicked into high gear when some of the latest reality shows hit the tube. For instance, when Project Runway is on TV, I'm busy with on-page SEO strategies for my website. When The Biggest Loser is on, I'm writing an article, posting to my site and submitting it to various article directories. When Say Yes To The Dress is on, I'm creating a video and posting it to YouTube, Metacafe, Photobucket and Dailymotion. When Intervention comes on the air, I'm submitting my articles and videos to the Synnd Content Syndication Network to create buzz on the social media sites that gets the attention of the search engines and improves my page rankings. When Hoarders , the worst show of them all, is on the air, I'm checking out my Paypal and Clickbank accounts to see all the affiliate checks that have been pouring in.
So you see, I should really love these reality TV shows, because now I've pretty much given up watching the television and now spend my time on the internet and performing all the various tasks that are required to be successful in internet marketing. If you are interested in internet marketing then you need to get started with one of the more popular training programs out there right now. Check out The Chris Farrell Membership as he covers all the topics that you'll need to implement to make it online. Internet marketing is just like anything else. It takes effort and determination. There are no short cuts, but you need to find a system that works and stick with it. So next year when they come up with a new reality show based on a family intervention with overweight hoarders obsessed with making their own wedding dresses , you can be the next internet marketing success story too.

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