Saturday, October 29, 2011

andrew luck

  • Question:-Which team are you rooting for to get Andrew Luck that has a realistic chance of doing so?
    I would like to see the Dolphins get him since they haven't had a good QB since Dan Marino. That would really make the AFC East even more interesting.

    -Patriots are the Patriots.
    -Jets are having an off year but still have good defense.
    -Bills are on the rise.
    -Unknown what the Dolphins would be with Andrew Luck but a good QB can turn things around.

    Answer:-I think the most interesting thing would be if the Rams got the #1 pick and there was a bidding war to trade for it, I'm thinking they could get a ton of draft picks, something like Dallas did for Herschel Walker to build their '90s dynasty. But with their schedule, they'll probably win 5-6 games down the stretch and it will come down to Miami and Indianapolis.
  • Question:-How bad of a decision is it now for Terrelle Pryor to stay in school now that Andrew Luck is staying put?
    Pryor had to pledge to that he was coming back so he could play in the Sugar Bowl. Now Andrew Luck isnt entering the draft which means Terrelle Pryor's draft position would have been slotted up.

    Answer:-No effect. Pryor isn't the top QB on the board for ability reasons, not because he didn't enter. He has mechanical flaws in his throwing motion and suspect decision making (on and off the field).
  • Question:-For cowboys fans, would you like to see the cowboys lose the rest of their games and draft andrew luck?
    Would you want to draft andrew luck and trade romo (who has always been vastly overrated) for an offensive linemen/draftpick because i would love to see this happen. Also who should coach them next year?
    thats my point, romo has proven himself not to be a winner or leader, and is a certified big game choker. that said he still has trade value which we could use to get a offensive lineman to protect our rookie quarterback. As for the dbs we have talent that just needs to be better coached
    It all starts with the qb. luck=winner/leader romo=loser/blamer

    Answer:-Trade Tony Romo? Have the last two and a half games proven the quarterback is not the problem in Dallas? At least the Cowboys were competitive when Romo- who has a 39-22 record as a starter- was playing. Without Romo, Dallas has no chance. Put a rookie quarterback in there, and they would be even worse.

    The Cowboys need offensive linemen that can block, defensive backs that can cover, and linebackers that can tackle. They need a head coach that can get the players' heads out of their butts and stop making the stupid mistakes and penalties that get you beat.

    This is the same team that went 11-5 and won in the playoffs last year. Romo may never be a Peyton Manning, but if he was available I can GUARANTEE at least 20 teams would be trying to get him.

    EDIT: So when the Cowboys lose in big games, it's just Tony Romo's fault. The rest of the team has nothing to do with it? Romo has failed in the clutch, but he's had a lot of company. Football is a team sport.

    EDIT: Luck is a winner only in college football.

    Brady Quinn, Matt Leinart, Rex Grossman, and Jamarcus Russell were winners in college, too.
  • Question:-Who should come first in the upcoming draft? cam newton or andrew luck?
    who do you believe will come first? will cam come up and be the next jamarcus russel or jason campbell or will he be a dominant nfl qb? were all seeing what happened to tebow. andrew luck to me is built like a quality nfl qb. so... whatcha think?

    Answer:-Andrew Luck should go first, he was a potential number 1 pick in the eyes of the scouts and fans before the season started and he has lived up to that hype. Cam Newton had never been projected as a potential number 1 pick until the middle-end of this season and some of the scouts think he is being over hyped based on a season that might be great statistically but doesn't necessarily show the traits you look for in an NFL QB.

    Hopefully he won't be the next Russell, I assume he won't because Russell obviously had some serious off the field problems with drugs and should serve as a warning to Newton. Jason Campbell had to learn a new offense from a new coordinator every season and was with a horrendously run franchise in Washington so I wouldn't necessarily judge him so harshly and I doubt Cam Newton would end up in such a bad situation.

    I don't agree that "were all seeing what happened to Tebow" it is only a recent phenomenon to see rookie QBs getting playing time right away in the NFL and being successful usually it takes some time to develop and Kyle Orton is actually a pretty good QB so it makes sense for Tebow to back him up for a while. The NFL isn't like baseball where it takes 4-5 years to see if a draft pick panned out, but it also isn't like the NBA either where you can usually tell almost right away.

    I think teams are going to "play it safe" and go with Luck, I put that in quotes though because Luck was projected as a number 1 pick before the season and he's played very well so in my opinion it's a no brainer.
  • Question:-How many Super Bowls will Andrew Luck win?
    So we can all agree that Andrew Luck is going to be better than Joe Montana, John Elway, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Dan Marino combined, that he's going to break every passing record known to man (And a few not known to man) and he can shoot fireballs from his eyes, how many Super Bowls will he win? I say 15-20 at the very least, maybe 20-25.


    however many he wins it will be one behind cutler
  • Question:-Do the Colts want to lose, so they can draft Andrew Luck? They want to stick with Kerry Collins for the season?
    Peyton Manning is getting old (and injured) and they need a young QB who will take over in a couple of years. Maybe they want to lose so they can draft Andrew Luck?
    They could make a trade for a pretty good QB or sign David Garrard, but they don't want to.

    Answer:-All the Colts want is Peyton Manning to return.

    A kid who has never played an NFL down is not worth losing on purpose, especially when there can find a Joe Flacco, Drew Brees, Josh Freeman, Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre a few picks below or, who knows, a Tom Brady almost at the end.
  • Question:-Are the Minnesota Vikings playing for Andrew Luck?
    When you have Adrian Peterson in your backfield and only give him the ball twice in the first quarter, and your whole entire team looks lathargic, including the coach, it's hard for me to not think they're playing for Andrew Luck. What say you?

    Answer:-No. Their honestly trying to win games, their struggling mainly because of McNabb who isn't completing enough passes, he isn't turning the ball over but he isn't making enough plays. They drafted Christian Ponder, they think he can win and be good, but they also don't think he's ready to be the QB of their future, just yet. They just can not put it together, they wouldn't have taken Ponder if they were going to go for Luck the next year, that would just be stupid. Yes, their losing but you can see the frustration in the team and head coach, their honestly trying to win. I don't think any team is sucking for Luck be sides the Colts, they want him to take over for Manning in a couple of years and they can't win with their players so their not going to sign someone better.
  • Question:-Does anyone else think Russell Wilson of Wisconsin will be a better pro than Andrew Luck?
    Andrew Luck will have so much hype.I think he'll do good but the Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson can run and can pass,he is underrated.

    If I had a choice to pick between the two,I'd go with Russell Wilson.I know many won't agree with me but what do you think?

    Answer:-Russell Wilson is Cam Newton Light.. he's not the prospect that Newton is and will probably have a career like Michael Vick.. a couple of good years here and there but nothing consistent.. he also has the build of Michael Vick

    Andrew Luck is different.. he's the "prototype" at 6'4" and he's intelligent.. while most QB's in the NCAA are after "Public Administration" degrees Luck is going to Stanford for Architecture.. that's a brainy course..

    EASY to see that Luck is more likely to be a better pro
  • Question:-Is Jim Harbaugh losing the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes?
    Yes a 3-1 start is good but a player like Andrew Luck, can be the future face of the Niner Franchise.

    Answer:-That's what they expect from Colin Kaepernick, which is why they took him in the 2nd round this past year.
  • Question:-Should the San Francisco 49ers trade Patrick Willis to get Andrew Luck?
    If you are the San Franciscoo 49ers and you could deal Willis (and maybe a draft pick) to the Carolina Panthers to get the #1 pick in the draft and take Andrew Luck (assuming he comes out for the draft), would you do it?

    As a fan who has watched Alex Smith for 6 years, I think I'd do it.

    Answer:-yes, it should.

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