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statue of liberty

  • Question:-How long does it take to build a model of the statue of liberty?
    I'm using and tweeking these directions
    I'm 13, and I'm not the most artistic. Can somebody give me some sort of estimate?

    Answer:-Looks like about 2 hours for that size and by that method - plus or minus half an hour
  • Question:-What movie is boy who live on an island then goes toNY with his dad&climb to the torch of statue liberty?

    Answer:-jungle 2 jungle
  • Question:-How to Visit Times Square and Liberty Statue?
    HI I am reaching New york tomorrow .I have 7 and half hours for my next flight. Can I come out of Airport and Visit Times Square and Liberty Statue and downtown in this time? If yes how and which bus or train to catch to visit these places/

    Answer:-You may have enough time for Times Square but I believe not for the Statue of Liberty.
  • Question:-What does the Statue of Liberty represent , religiously speaking?
    How is the Statue of Liberty related to Baal & the trinity ?
    Was the statue of Liberty given to the USA by the Masonic Lodge of France ?

    Answer:-Liberty represents 'the goddess' also known as 'Ishtar', 'Astarte', 'Isis' or 'Cybele'. she is commonly known as 'the female part of the trinity-sungod of ancient Babylon'. In ancient Babylon the trinity-sungod was worshipped; known under the names Baal, Astarte and Tammuz;

    Baal:(Horus or Boaz) the Father-god Astarte:(Ishtar,Isis or Joachin) the female-god or 'goddess'
    Tammuz:(Seth) the son-god and reïncarnation of Baal
    But sungod-worship didnot stop in Babylon, but continued in Pershia, Egypt, Greece, Rome and now is still practiced all over the world in all pagan religions, organisations and ways of life.
  • Question:-How is the Statue of Liberty maintenanced and mended?
    I assume the Statue of Liberty crumbles without maintenance because of deterioration .
    Is there a passage inside to the top of the torch and the crown?I have never visited. So I don't know about the inside of the statue.
    Do repairers climb up the torch and the crown? Or do they use the helicopter?
    Have you ever seen them or watched them on TV?
    Thank you very much for the excellent answers!

    Before the major restoration work done for her 100th birthday in 1986, the statue of liberty was quite neglected. Though she had had maintainence on her before that time, it was quite limited.

    in 1980, they realized she was in a bit of trouble, so they researched and surveyed every last bit of her, to see what needed attention.
    One of the most major parts needing attention, besides the torch, was her inner support framework, which consists of about 1800 bars called armature bars, making up a 'web' which is attached to the outer skin of copper with saddles- peices of metal which wrap over the armature bar, and riveted 3 times on either side to the copper
    these were made of iron origionally. iron rusts over time, and this is what happened to these armature bars. They had realized when building her that this would happen, so as a measure to prevent it, put asbestos in the gap between the saddles and the copper where it is rivetted. Only over time, this too had deteriorated, causing the statue potentially a real problem!
    In 1984/5 one by one, all these armature bars and saddles were taken off- in different places to ensure the statues skin was still supported at all times- they made new stainless steel bars to replicate the iron ones, and reattached them to her
    They also replaced the iron rods going to the armature bars from the main central pilon - as these were iron aswell.
    The main pilon is still iron, and original

    Is there a passage inside to the crown and torch? Yes there is!
    There is a double helix spiral staircase that runs inside the main pilon from the top of the pedestal (thing she stands on) up to her crown.

    At the top stop off point (there are 5 along they way of the staircase to allow visitors to admire the inner structure, whilst having a much needed break, there is a platform- this is at shoulder height, in where her sleeve is- and a locked door. Behind the door is a 54 rung ladder, which leads to the torch.

    People do maintain the interior of the statue, checking on a regular basis that everything is as it should be.
    The torch has visitors now and then - the maintainence crew, who will change the torch light bulbs when necessary, and check the flame for lightning damage. Being copper, she attracts quite a bit of lightning, which can leave scorch marks on the gold flame.

    The outside of the statue needs little maintainence.There was some done in the 80s restoration, which included replacing the entire torch, the end of her nose, the side of her eye, a bit under her chin, the end of one of the ringlets of hair, and repositioning one of the spikes on her crown so it didn't continue to dig a hole in her arm, and repairing that hole.
    Thats why if you notice on a picture of todays Lady Liberty, one of the spikes is in an uneven position on her crown (2nd on the left)

    In many ways the interior structure is just as interesting as the outside. People come to see the outside and often neglect to properly look at the inside.but really it is mavellous.
    Take a look at these pictures!

    the staircase to the crown

    Stairs again, with a better view of the main pilon

    Interior of her face, before attachment

    Drawing of the crown space an how it is accessed

    The 'web' of armature bars, saddles, and supports going to the main pilon

    Can you spot that uneven spike?

    Old torch with maintainence crew checking the flame

    Old torch now in the museum for all to see
  • Question:-What is the statue that looks like the statue of liberty but has two arms upraised, each holding a torch?
    I saw a photo of this statue but do not know what it is or where it is. It looks like the statue of liberty, but it has two arms upraised. Each arm holds a torch. And it looks in the photo as if it is mounted on a high brick edifice of some kind. Any information would be appreciated.

    Answer:-Hi! The Statue of Liberty in Cadaques, Spain?
    And there are Art Nouveau statues in
    Prague holding two torches....
    Hope this helps!
  • Question:-Why is the Statue of Liberty such an important cultural symbol?
    Why is the Statue of Liberty such an important cultural symbol?

    Answer:-Chains around the feet-To show we're not slaves.
    Tablet-To remind us we're free.
    Torch-Im guessing to show that we're always "lit"
    Plus,It shows our friendship with france,and it shows our freedom.
  • Question:-How long would the statue of liberty have lasted?
    For chemistry, I have to work out a way to find out how long would the statue of liberty have lasted if the US government didnt repair it back in 1987? I believe it was. The galvanic corrosion was so significant due to copper and iron touching each other with sea water as an electrolyte that it had to be repaired. Using chemistry knowledge, how long would she have lasted?

    Answer:-The skin was already popping off the strapping in places and the strapping was breaking away from the framework. There probably would have been a major structural collapse within 20 years.
  • Question:-How likely is the Statue of Liberty to be hit by terrorists?
    Why did the terrorists come after the pentagon and the twin towers instead of the Statue of Liberty? Isn't the Statue of Liberty practically the symbol of America?

    Answer:-Yes and and No, to your questions. The statue of Liberty is the symbol of our country and would be a terrorist target.

    Think about it like this, when terror events happen, the terrorists are looking for the biggest shock and awe they can get, why?? because of the Publicity and New York city is one of the world's most famous cities so everyone around the world knows about NYC, the world trade center in NYC was one of the Biggest Buildings in the world and well known throughout the world, so in that attack, they got there Shock and awe, and publicity all in one hit.

    Second the pentagon, another goal of terrorism is to show that the government can't protect there people, and drive home there point of fear into the American Public since the Pentagon is one of the most famous American Military Facilities known throughout the world.

    Terrorists go after symbolic targets known throughout the world, if terrorists took out a strip mall in Wymong for instance we would know about and it would get alot of attention, but not the attention world wide because most people in the world and in the middle east haven't heard of poe dunk Wyoming, so no shock and awe value for the terrorist.
  • Question:-Where (location) can i get a nice view of the Statue of Liberty in Paris?
    I see lots of pictures of the mini version of Statue Liberty with the Eiffel Tower in the background?

    Where (location) can i get a view shot of this scene instead of catching a boat/cruise?

    Answer:-Hey there - you want get that exact shot without going on a boat, as it is took from directly in front of Liberty.. and her island doesnt stretch far back enough to get the Eiffel tower in the same shot.

    There is foot access to the island she stands on, the bridge behind has steps down from it in the middle

    You can get good images of Liberty from there, and the Eiffel tower from the bridge.

    To get both in,without going on the boat you will have to stand on either side of the river further back from the statue.

    If you want something else 'statue of liberty' influenced to be pictured with the eiffel tower, get off the subway at Pont d'Alma - there is a full size replica of Lady Libertys torch flame right there, and the eiffel tower is across the river.. Both can be pictured without a problem

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