Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween

  • Question:-HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    Happy halloween. I know its on a monday but come on really think about it. Its 2011, this is our only Halloween, and we will never get another 2011 Halloween, so enjoy it now. Happy halloween!!!!!!!

  • Question:-Happy Halloween?
    Happy Halloween everyone!! Just thought i'd say that...and what are you guys being for halloween?

    Answer:-Hey you too! haha.
    1(me) A&F Model that got murdered
    2(gf) A witch
    3(cousin) Scotty Vanity wannabe
  • Question:-happy halloween?
    this is not a question obviously but i just wanted to say happy halloween :)

    be safe!

    Answer:-thanks! you too! Happy Halloween!
  • Question:-HaPPY HALLOWEEN!!!?
    I wanna wish everyone a happy halloween
    Im going to school as Kairi (if u dont know)
    So i wanna know what
    1. Ur being
    2. What are u doing tonight or today
    im going.... well i dk

    Answer:-1. sand ninja from naruto
    2. i don't know i'm sick today so i don't know if my parents will let me trick or treat i was sick last year on halloween and they let me trick or treat so i don't know if i am going or not
  • Question:-HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!!?
    Hey, Happy Halloween everybody!! Go out and trick or treat and have some fun!!!! This isn't a question but I love you so I wanted to say Happy Halloween add me on myspace !!!! thx!!

    Answer:-awesome. u too. mines hockey. lol. add me.
  • Question:-Happy halloween?
    whats everyone dressing up as for halloween? I need some good costume ideas.

    Answer:-devil 4 me, a sexy one
  • Question:-HaPpY HaLLoWeEn?

    Answer:-I´m having a halloween party! I´ll be dressed as the spider queen!
  • Question:-What mythical creature from folklore and myths are you and are you happy about halloween?
    im curious to know whose all really exist well lets get to know each other comment and have a happy Halloween every one

  • Question:-How do you write Happy Halloween in Korean?
    How do you write ' Happy Halloween' in Korean?
    I think its something like.. 해피 할로윈!
    but that's just from a translator and im not too sure. Please tell me the correct way!

    Answer:-Well, that's right (even if it's from an online translator).

    There's no special translation for "Happy Halloween!" in Korean. It would be 해피 할로윈! (Hae-pi hal-lo-win!) —transliteration from English.

    Pronunciation : 해 (heh) 피 (peeh) 할 (hahl) 로 (loh) 윈 (weenh)!
  • Question:-What is the longest word you can make out of "Happy Halloween"?
    Using the letters of "Happy Halloween", what is the longest word you can make?

    If no one can make long words, I will give Best Answer to the person who makes the most words in all.

    Thanks! :)

    Answer:-polypnea (8 letters)
    hypopnea (8 letters)
    walleye (7 letters)
    polyene (7 letters)
    penally (7 letters)
    panoply (7 letters)
    hyponea (7 letters)

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