Friday, October 28, 2011

project runway winner

  • Question:-Project runway winner s08e14, whose the lucky one?
    I missed Project runway winner s08e14, Anyone tell me where I can watch finale episode of Project runway and I want to know, who is that luckiest person winning this season 8? Please pals, Suggest me a best source to watch Project runway winner s08e14. Thanks.

    Answer:-It is Gretchen!!!!!!
  • Question:-How do you feel about the most recent Project Runway winner?
    Yes, Gretchen. I never liked her after she bossed everyone around and pitted them against Michael. I didn't think she was that great of a designer either. Very average, too ready to wear. What do you think?

    Answer:-well my favorite was andy ... but he lost and I understand why ... he completely abandoned the design aesthetic that got him through the show and had almost a monotone collection ... any ways I agree with heidi and (I can't believe I am saying this) jessica simpson so nina garcia and michael kors can shove it (yes I realize they will probably never see this) I think that mondo was a better designer and I think that he had more creativity and vision ... I loved his high waisted plaid pants ... gretchen seems so tapped out and all of her stuff seemed dull and boring the only thing I liked was the jewelry for serious
  • Question:-Has anyone changed their mind about who they wanted as Project Runway winner since the decision?
    I didn't like Kenley's personality but I thought her collection the most interesting.i also loved Korto's colorful collection. I had wanted Leann to win but I thought her collection rather one-note. Its over though ,cannot wait to see it on it's new network.

    Answer:-I liked Korto's clothes the most. Kenley has interesting style, but some of her fabric was terrible. I know she painted it, but it was too much. The flowered dress for example.
    Leann's clothes were very one note, and pretty boring. Come to think of it, she's pretty boring as a person.
    So I wanted Korto to win. She had heart and warmth and style and I loved her use of color.
  • Question:-Where can I find all of the pictures of Christian Siriano's (project runway winner) bluefly collection?
    most of the pieces are sold out, but i just want to see the whole collection (even if they are sold out) as a whole to show my friend what it looked like
    project runway is a fashion show

    Answer:- or

    the second is the season four runway show
  • Question:-Were you happy or upset with last night's Project Runway winner?
    Were you happy that Gretchen won, or did you want Mondo?

    Answer:-Mondo should have won. his clothes were awesome
    gretchen's clothes were ugly and loked like cheap vintage. she designs based on what she would wear. too bad no one else has her horrbile sense of style.
  • Question:-Who do you think should have been the Project Runway winner?
    Out of the four finalists, which one do you think should have been the winner? I believe Uli had the most talent out of all of them!

    Answer:-I could not believe it when they said Jeffery, I would have bet my life that they were going to say Uli Laura or Michael, anyone but him, I thought he had the worst collection , the judges praised Laura and Uli, and I thought they told Jeffery that his wasn't that good? Did I miss something along the way?

    There is something funny going on there, and I'm not just did not add up... I have to watch it again...I was just so disappointed, Jeffery seems sneaky and it doesn't take much for him to get an attitude.....

    I don't know, something smells fishy....
  • Question:-who is the best Project Runway winner of all the season?

    Answer:-I'm going to go with Christian Siriano
    He has been the most successful by far.
    Designing gowns for the Red Carpet,a shoe line and a new show in the works on Bravo along with numerous other projects.
    I did have Designers on Project Runway that I "liked" more but they didn't "win" Project Runway.
    I always thought Santino and Andre were HILARIOUS ! " Where's Andre ? " and " Tim & Andre and the Red Lobster " STILL make me laugh out loud !
  • Question:-Shouldn't the Project Runway winner be determined by all challenges...?
    ... as opposed to just the runway collection? I loved Leanne's collection, but I think the majority of her challenge pieces were overworked. Korto on the other hand choked a bit on her collection but had solid challenge pieces... I think Korto deserved to win this season!

    Answer:-I think all their work is considered in the final decision, not too sure on that. Does anyone else agree this was the most untalented group of designers they've had on PR? I mean they are obviously talented, but no one was a shining star.
  • Question:-What was the track in the background of Project Runway Season 1 Winner Jay McCarroll's Winning Collection?
    Also, if anyone knows where a video of it is located that would be great too, but not a substitute.

    Answer:-this might help;_ylt=Arv8TS0VWH8pj3x3PyRKL3cjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20070802001033AAuyqDr
  • Question:-Do you agree with the winner of Project Runway?
    I thought Korto should have won. I am just glad it wasn't Kenly. She is so annoying and clueless.

    Answer:-I had a feeling that Leeann was going to win .Her details were beautiful . So was Kort , Kenley was good too . She knew she was done for when TimcGunn was on the panel

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