Sunday, October 30, 2011

bj penn

  • Question:-There are Five possible threats to Bj Penn lightweight championship?
    Kurt pellegrino,Kenny florian,Terry etim,Gray Maynard,George Sotiropoulos..Who you think would put Bj Penn in the most trouble and who do you think that Bj penn will beat easily

    Answer:-I think the biggest threat is Kenny Florian. Sotiropolous is amazing and is possibly my 3rd favorite fighter in that division (BJ is my 2nd). I think Kenny's next fight with BJ will be much different. Nobody has looked better than Kenny as all of BJ's other opponents left looking like a bloody tampon. I think Kenny has gotten much better with his striking and his BJJ is still very dangerous.

    Sotiropolous is very good but inexperienced which I think is a bad deal if he fights BJ. Pellegrino is not on BJ's level and I don't think Pellegrino can beat Florian as well. I sincerely don't see Florian losing to anybody else aside from BJ.

    I say KenFlo should face Sotiropolous and then Pellegrino for #1 contender because there really is nobody left to challenge Florian. Gray would not last with Florian because Florian is just way to good for Gray. Gray would have no shot against Flo on the floor or on his feet. This is not the case and I believe Gray will get his chance after Edgar gets beaten and I can see the UFC give Pellegrino the next shot after that and Sotiropolous and then possibly Florian. That's fine by me because KenFlo in the mean time will just keep getting better and better.
  • Question:-How can i get the whole fight or just entrances to Matt Hughes vs Bj Penn II?
    I've seriously been looking for just the entrance of BJ Penn when his trademark hawaii song mixed with the gnarls Crazy song for 2 years now! I had it but now every resource seems to delete it, probably due to copyright laws. MUST GET VID

    Answer:-I like the one he came out to against pulver 2 and stevenson.
    It has Hawaii 78 and E Ala E mixed together.
  • Question:-He is 4 reasons why EliteXC lightweight fighter James Edson Berto will beat BJ Penn anyday?
    1. He's a more talented fighter than BJ Penn.
    2. He's more determine than BJ Penn to win.
    3. He has better techniques than BJ Penn.
    4. His stand up and ground game is better than BJ Penn.

    Answer:-You seriously need to drop the second and third letters from your name, bro, because you are a class A joker.
  • Question:-what happened to bj penn recently when he was making love to the cardio monster?
    he clamped on a submission attempt on the world welterweight champion and when bj came out for the third he was completely gone; the other guy pinned him, tied off the arm and a tko ensued as penn was unable to defend himself - or were they just kissing and cuddling like bum boys?

  • Question:-bj penn ????????????
    what made him loose the tittle ?


    Answer:-Frankie Edgar :) lol watch the fight here
  • Question:-Who do you thinks gonna win between BJ Penn and Joe stevenson?
    I think Joe hands down. Joes proved himself and is one of my fave fighters. BJ Penn has okay ground game but has terrible trainning habbits and heart. He lacks the goodness of his olden days. Its Joes time to shine and hes gonna pull this one off 3erd round submission. Your thoulghts opinions for UFC 80?

    Answer:-Bj Penn would be my guess,Stevenson is a good fighter and should be respected but i think Penn is Superior.
  • Question:-How does the Bj Penn ufc 101 shirt fit?
    Im about to buy th Bj penn UFC 101 Walkout shirt but dont know what size to get, and was wondering if i could get some help. I usually wear a size large but am a bit hesitant.

    Answer:-I'd call them and ask.
  • Question:-Do you think BJ Penn should of won his fight against Frankie Edgar?
    This past Saturday, BJ Penn took on Frankie Edgar to defend his Lightweight title. BJ didn't look his greatest but with that being said, I don't think Frankie did enough to win. But according to the judges, he did....? They will most likley have a rematch but what do you think of the outcome of Penn vs. Edgar?

    Answer:-No, BJ Penn won't won with his fight against Frankie Edgar, his opponent knows some of his weaknesses and it's the one that get him lose.

    Frankie Edgar are totally prepared and shows some aggressiveness on that fight, which make him won and achieve points to conquer him, we just see what are the needed adjustments BJ Penn will do on this coming rematch.

    Good luck
  • Question:-Why is everyone criticizing BJ Penn's performance last night?
    Penn fought Fitch who is 3 inches taller and at least 20 lbs heavier plus a D-I wrestler. Penn took Fitch down in the first and second round and almost finished him both times. In the third round, Penn basically pulled guard and Fitch dry humped for the rest of the round, not finishing the much smaller opponent. Many fans (along with Penn himself) were dissapointed with Bj's performance when i thought he did fantastic. He came into this fight as an underdog and proved alot in my eyes.

    Answer:-I thought the fight was a draw. But I agree with you BJ showed how tough he is by taking the fight with a much bigger opponent.
  • Question:-BJ Penn or Lyoto Machida, who is more likely to get their title back?
    In my opinion BJ Penn has a stronger shot of getting his title back. Lyoto is not finished by any means but I really do not think that he will ever beat Shogun, and Shogun will probably beat everyone in the Light Heavyweight division.

    Your opinion?

    Answer:-bj of course everytime he loses he comes back stronger lyoto will never be champion again for a while now they got his kyrptonite people just gonna find a way to beat him but edgar isnt that great really i think he jus t got lucky he isnt champion in my eyes unless he beat bj again by alot of points he only beat him by one point anyway so it was real close and bj was sick so BJ PENN

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