Monday, October 31, 2011

eric johnson

  • Question:-Eric Johnson?
    Does anyone know if Eric Johnson is gay?

    I don't see a ring on his finger....
    Great Artist either way though.
    Im just curious.
    the "i dont see a ring on his finger" isnt part of a song, im saying...ive never seen a ring on his finger. haha

    Answer:-i really doubt he's gay...what if, in that song he was singing from a woman's perspective? really good guitarist though
  • Question:-What Eric johnson album should I buy for my boyfriend?
    I want't to buy an Eric Johnson cd for his birthday cause he really likes his music, and the music shop near us only has two albums - Ah via Musicom and Venus Isle or something like that. Please tell me which one is better?

    Answer:-You really can't go wrong with either. Venus isle is alot more mellow than Ah via musicom. So if you want an album for him thats has more rockin' and upbeat songs (which isn't by a whole lot) you should go with Ah via musicom.
  • Question:-What Effect does Eric Johnson use for Cliffs of Dover?
    What Effect\pedal does Eric Johnson use for cliffs of dover? And what is the tuning?

    Answer:-Tuning is G Major. For techniques he uses Hybrid picking and string skipping. For effects He probably just uses a wah-wah petal or his guitar's tremolo arm a lot.
  • Question:-How do I get that clean, yet distorted tone of Eric Johnson, using the Fender Stratocaster?
    I know that Guitarist, Eric Johnson, uses pedals, but I'm pretty confident that those aren't the answer. Is it an amp?

    Answer:-it is a combination of the amp, the pickups on the guitar and the pedals he uses (pedals mostly). I had the same problem before with a different artist and it was all the pedals.
  • Question:-Help on learning Cliffs Of Dover by Eric Johnson?
    I am learning Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson for a talent show. I've pretty much got the whole song down, except for the hybrid picking part just before the end of the intro solo. I just can't seem to play it fast enough. If I try to play it any faster than I can, it sounds real sloppy. Any tips?

    Answer:-This might sound dumb...but there's no shortcut to practice..u need to be at a certain level to learn a particular song....if u're sounding sloppy then u need to practice means u're not yet there with the technique..and that technique doesnt come in a few days
  • Question:-in what song does eric johnson battle against a harmonica?
    a guy at a guitar shop told me that there was a song that eric johnson did where he had a guitar battle against a harmonica. but i cant seem to find it!

    Answer:-Is it "Righteous", from "Ah Via Musicom?"
  • Question:-What can you suggest as far as Eric Johnson albums?
    I just heard about Eric Johnson -- but know nothing about him.

    Please enlighten me &/or suggest a nice CD to start with :)

    Thanks :)

    Ah Via Musicom as Ponce said is really great (I'm so jealous BTW).
    The song Venus Isle (from the album of the same name) to me is magical. On the same album there are some more really great songs like SRV, Manhattan and Pavilion.
    He has some awesome acoustic songs, Song for Life, Song for George and Once Upon a Time in Texas, and he does some Simon and Garfunkel covers really nicely.
    I also quite like his new album Bloom, it has some really nice songs, and it's really diverse, so your bound to like some of them at least.

    From Venus Isle:

    From Ah Via Musicom:


    A Song For Life
    Once Upon a Time in Texas:
  • Question:-Would trading a White Eric Johnson Stratocaster for a Gibson Les Paul Classic-Honey Burst be a good trade?
    Or should I just sell the Eric Johnson Stratocaster which is basically a brand new guitar and how much should I sell it for?

    Answer:-If both guitars are in good shape with no problems it would be a great trade. The gibson is worth a lot more money than the strat. As far as selling the strat , or any good guitar for that matter, you will never get what it's really worth. People that are looking to spend that much on a guitar will usually buy a new one, no matter how nice the used one is. If it were me and the les paul is in nice shape with no problems I would definitely make the trade. Simply because then Gibson has a much higher trade in value than the strat or if I decided to sell it I could get a lot more for the Gibson than the strat. Now , as far as keeping one or the other that's a whole different story. These guitars are two totally different animals with totally different tones and one would have to figure that into the equation as well. Money wise the les is the most expensive of the two so the trade would be fine but tone wise it's a matter of what you like.
    By the way , we are talking Gibson here , right? If it's an Epiphone I wouldn't even think about trading.
  • Question:-What are the lyrics to "Cliffs of Dover" by Eric Johnson?
    I was sitting all alone one day pondering the mysteries of the universe and so on and so forth when such a question just popped into my solitary mental state. I was not sure what the lyrics were for Eric Johnson's song Cliffs of Dover. I sat in contemplation for quite awhile trying to remember how it went but then i fell asleep.

    Answer:-It's instrumental, there are no lyrics.
  • Question:-Does anyone else think Eric Johnson will be a good starting TE?
    I have two TE: LJ Smith (PHI) and Eric Johnson (NO)

    I dont need two TE, who would you drop?

    Answer:-Drop Eric Johnson because he is not going to be a playmaker this year. LJ Smith has at least proved that he can play well in the NFL and i would recommend keeping him as McNabb tends to like him.

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