Saturday, October 29, 2011

black friday

  • Question:-Black Friday.?
    Can we order online on black friday and still get the same deals? Or is it in-store only?

    Answer:-This coming Monday is cyber-Monday. Where all the best deals happen online.
  • Question:-black friday?!!?
    Is my first black friday i missed out last year so ...........

    Is 4: 30 am good enough to stand in line? i dont want to camp out

    so i was planning getting there early at 4 30 or should i get there at 4 or earlier?

    Answer:-you need to be there by two or you'll get nothing
  • Question:-Black friday?
    Do you go shopping on black friday, if so what time do you leave?

    Answer:-YES YES YES...I love black friday...its more of an adventure then it is a shopping trip !! We usually leave around 4 am..i dont do the whole camping out thing
  • Question:-BLACK FRIDAY?
    where are some good places that are having black friday sales that i should hit?
    i already know target, walmart, wetseal, kohls

    any clothes stores?

    Answer:-aeropostale is having a huge sale.
  • Question:-black Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    can anyone tell me more about black friday?
    is it that every single store will hv discounts on their items for a limited time?
    will there be discounts in stores like AE ,urban outfitter and such?

    Answer:-In its specific definition, Black Friday is obviously the day after Thanksgiving in which almost every store, brick-and-mortar and online, offers outrageous deals attracting customers to their shops. Its called Black Friday since it marks the start of the Christmas season where stores actually turn a profit--in accounting, they come up black from the red--with almost 40% of their revenue from the holidays alone (No, Black Friday is not called because of Black people or some other racist definition).
    From electronic stores to mall shops like AE, urban outfitters, etc., virtually every store will have discounts. Too bad the catch of this capitalist dream is also a capitalist nightmare in which there are other people who want it as badly as you do. So bad they will even camp starting in Thanksgiving (some actually do it before). So bad they will shove, cut, and rudely do so in a manner that isn't normal. So bad a person died--Walmart in New Jersey--last year. Yeah, its that crazy.

    PS: To the Canadian poster, the land above America isn't any more holier. Though your own version of thanksgiving does not have such rituals, I heard you Canadians up there do this crazy store-rush thing too, just at Boxing day after Christmas.
  • Question:-How does black Friday work at best buy and walmart this year?
    How does black Friday work at best buy and walmart this year? Thank you ahead of time for answering. I've never been to a black Friday sale at these retailers and I would like to know how these things work such as: what time should I get there? (for electronics) is 1-2am okay? Plus any tips and strategies that you feel necessary to know would be great.

    Answer:-They have some sweet deals and there is an online gift card giveaway for black friday. check it out!
  • Question:-How many parents shop on black friday for there kids?
    I have never been to a black friday sale but i really want to go. I want to go to walmart after the crowd has gone home. About how many people are usually in line for black friday sales? Do stores run out of carts? Do they let everyone in all at once or so many people at a time? I would like all the info on black friday. Does family dollar and dollar general have black friday sales?

    Answer:-I read all the ads and if there is stuff for the kids great but I wouldn't not go if there weren't. I start out with a general idea of what the people on my list want and go from there. I have never seen a store run out of carts (but I am in a suburban neighborhood) I have seen (alot) them run out of items as early as 8:30am esp electronics. I am not sure about the Family Dollar you would have to ask.
  • Question:-When does Black Friday start at Walmart for online shoppers?
    Hey I just wanted to know when does the Black Friday deals go live online at Walmart this year. I'd like to hear from people who have shopped online in the past. Oh yeah any tips would be cool too.

    Appreciate it.

    Answer:-I called Wal-Mart at 1-800-walmart and they

    Most online stores are beginning their online Black Friday sales at 12:00 but you have to be sure of the TIME ZONE they'll be using.

    Wal-Mart will be starting their online Black Friday Sales at 12:00 midnight in whatever time zone you are located and shopping in, according to their customer care team member I spoke with this morning.
  • Question:-Is Black Friday as hectic as everyone makes it out to be?
    I've never gone shopping on Black Friday before, but I would like to. I always hear it's incredibly fast-paced because of the great deals. How bad is it really? Personal experiences with Black Friday?

    Also, where are you planning to go on Black Friday?

    Answer:-It's really depends on where you go. If you go to Walmart, you'll hear all these people screaming in Spanish. If you go to like Target, you'll have a better day but still pretty bad.

    I'm going to Target and then the Mall and then Lunch.
  • Question:-What time do black friday sales start at walmart?
    what time do black friday sales on electronics start at walmart? and how much will a 8gb 4th gen ipod touch cost?

    Answer:-Walmart is open all day but, the vouchers for first in line start at midnight (12 A.M.) to get your item(s) first and black Friday starts at 5 A.M.and ends at 11 A.M. The ipod touch is going to be...about $225.79.

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