Thursday, October 27, 2011

beavis and butthead

  • Question:-when does the new beavis and butthead come on in arizona?
    I don't know the time zone very well so I just wanted to ask what time does the new season come on cuz i think i missed it.

  • Question:-What would you rate the first beavis and butthead show in 14 long years?

  • Question:-Are you going to watch Beavis and Butthead tonight?
    It's back! :D I've been waiting for like a year!

  • Question:-Are you gonna watch the new episodes of Beavis and Butthead?

    Answer:-I'm a dude who was in college when the original came out and we laughed our booties off. Now it's just like remaking Footloose. Don't mess with perfection. It's not gonna work now. Big mistake, you watch.
  • Question:-When do the new episodes of Beavis & Butthead start on MTV?
    So the rumors turned out to be true. Beavis & Butthead will be returning to MTV. I have read articles about it everywhere but not one has mentioned a date or a time. Whoever can answer this question for me first will get the best answer and all of my gratitude. I grew up on that show and have dearly missed it. Thanks in advance and if possible please provide a source.

    Answer:-As the official announcement was just made, it will be a while...the 30 episode order is now in production. There won't be any airdates announced until at least next summer at the earliest (since traditional hand-drawn animation takes a long time; half-hour cartoons take six months to produce).
  • Question:-mtv poll: are you watching beavis and butthead tonight?

  • Question:-What is a movie that is just down right about retards kinda like beavis and butthead?
    i dont want cartoons or anything just something like beavis butthead a movie about idiots that just say and do retarded shit if anybody knows of any let me know?

    Answer:-Jackass: The Movie and it's sequel, Jackass Number Two
  • Question:-anybody love the new beavis and butthead episode tonight?

  • Question:-Does anyone have Beavis & Butthead episodes to burn onto DVD that they'd be willing to sell?
    I want the Beavis & Butthead episodes on DVD but the official DVD has cut out alot of stuff, like the music videos. Obviously the programme isn't the same without them. Does anyone have full-length copies of the episodes that they'd be willing to burn onto DVD and sell?

    Answer:-That's illegal buddy.

    Whoever put me down is a retard because it is
  • Question:-Did anybody enjoy the new beavis and butthead episode tonight? It was awsome!?


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