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  • Question:-Rutgers............................?
    What does Rutgers expect one's GPA to be right out of high school? What must one's GPA be to get accepted? I tried looking it up, but could not find info on GPA. Thanks

    Answer:-The GPA varies depending on which campus you wish to start at and whether or not you are getting in with a certain program. Additionally, Rutgers looks at applications on a holistic measure - meaning they don't look only at the GPA, but what other factors contribute to a GPA.

    For Rutgers New Brunswick I believe the GPA is around a 3.0 or 3.2. Newark and Camden are less but you can usually transfer to New Brunswick later. Again, however, it's very possible to get in with a lower GPA if you have a lot of activities that you are part of or if your school doesn't weight the GPA (Rutgers reweights the GPA for you).

    Good luck!
  • Question:-rutgers ?
    r we allowed 2 email rutgers 2 ask questions about admissions

    Answer:-I would call them. I have have tried email, but it takes weeks sometimes until you here from them. I have called lots of schools, and they're usually very nice. They won't mind, because its the admissions job to help future students. Good Luck!
  • Question:-How can I establish or start NROTC at Rutgers University?
    I just transferred into Rutgers like many people do from other universities or county colleges. I want to eventually be an officer in the Navy but sadly the opportunities here at Rutgers are very slim when it comes to the Navy. Rutgers is only affiliated with the Army and Air Force, not the Navy. .How can I, a normal student, push the school or the Armed Forces, to consider NROTC at Rutgers University? Has anyone attempted this at their school? What was the outcome?

    Answer:-Other students as well as the Navy are trying to re-establish Nrotc at Rutgers.
    Also at Columbia, Yale, Harvard and Brown which tossed Nrotc off campus in the late 60's/early 70's.
    The Navy has the BDCP, CEC and NUPOC for students at campuses without Nrotc Battalions:
    Good Luck!
  • Question:-How does the rutgers application process work?
    I want to apply to Rutgers undecided but i have no idea how to apply. Like my friend told me to go to my counselor and ask her how to do it and i sent in a request to talk to her but in over a week, she hasn't replied.

    How does the application process work? I have written my letter and i have my SAT score. What else do i need to apply and what else do i need to send them?

    I want to apply online

    Answer:-well.. you gotta do it as soon as you read what i am writing now.. today (oct 15th) is the priority date for signing in.. go to rutgers admission page and look for apply now thingy..
  • Question:-What exactly does Rutgers University look for in acceptance from transfer students?
    I'm a third year college student looking to transfer to Rutgers University yet I'm wondering what they look for before they make their decision. My GPA is 2.9 and yet there were 3-4 courses I didn't do well and I retook. To those that have transferred directly from a college to Rutgers University, what do they look for within your transcripts? Is is possible that they will accept someone one failed four courses yet retook them and did better?

    Answer:-Most of the time it is more difficult to transfer credits to Rutgers because they have a strict criteria. I knew a couple of transfers to Rutgers NB who did well in other colleges, but a lot of their classes were not accepted by Rutgers due to strict standards. Most of the transfers stayed another year to complete requirements. The possibility of being accepted also depends which campus you are applying for. Newark and Camden are easier to get in than New Brunswick campus.

    It is highly unlikely that Rutgers will allow a transcript with 4 failed into the school. And even if they did, it is rare that the courses will count towards your graduation credits.
  • Question:-What area is safe and bad near Rutgers Newark? How safe is the public transit station to NYC at RN?
    I am about to accept admission to Rutgers Newark. I want am debating whether I should live near campus (which if it is unsafe and ghetto i won't) or live in NYC and take public transit into Rutgers. I understand it is a commuter school, but I do not know how safe the campus is. I will be there at night with my girlfriend and I want to know how safe the public transit from Newark to NYC is. If it is as dangerous as living near Rutgers Newark I would probably just live near the campus.

    Answer:-pay no attention to any one on this/go monday night and drive area/do this afew nights in a row/the cops are hot in this area/dont try irvington at all/complete anarchy at night/try going up 21 for living in belville or nutley/or further up to clifton etc/bus service is available to north cities/even kearney is ok/check the kids around there/they will confirm this
  • Question:-Who thinks Rutgers should get a shot for the natl title if they are unbeaten at the end of the year?
    I Like this rutgers team. Ray Rice is a absolute beast who could (and maybe should) win the Heisman trophy. But more important to this team than Rice's performance so far (we already expected this from rice) is quarterback Mike Teel. He is lighting it up this year. You turn on Sportscenter all you see is Teel to Underwood, who, by the way, is all-american wideout. That defense is solid too.

    TO ME, They are the most talented team on both sides of the ball besides LSU. Which leads me to my point. They can beat West Virginia (who is overrated to me; no defense) and Louisville (again no defense). If they are undefeated at the end of this season, DO THEY DESERVE A SHOT AT THE BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP?
    Chris 10...i'm not a Rutgers fan i was just asking this question because they seem to be playing really well.

    Answer:-If they're one of 2 undefeated teams, then yes they should play for the National Title. If they are one of a group of 3 or more undefeated teams (USC, LSU and Oklahoma all have a chance to win out) then Rutgers wouldn't fit in the National Title picture. The schedule they play just isn't up to par - even with WVU and Louisville - because as you said those teams are overrated.
  • Question:-How much more work can i expect at Rutgers vs a community college?
    Just wondering since i'm about to transfer to Rutgers from Brookdale. How many more hours of work should i expect to have to do per/day in order to maintain my current 3.5 gpa if i keep the same marketing major.

    Answer:-A lot. No one can tell you for sure how many hours more you'll be working. It depends on your major, classes, study habits, intelligence, etc. But I'll tell you one thing that's for sure- Rutgers has a great business school, and it's a great school overall. Expect to do a lot of work, much more than a community college, especially for a marketing major. A's are hard to come by at RU, and you really do need to work for them. Having said that, Rutgers is a great school, and if you do well, you'll be rewarded. Good luck!
  • Question:-Can I transfer to rutgers business school new Brunswick after one yr in county college?
    I am a freshman at county college and I want to transfer to rutgers. Is it possible for me to transfer into the business school (new Brunswick) after finishing my freshman year? Or would I have to do one year at sas and then apply to the business school?

    Answer:-Probably not. While you can transfer to Rutgers with a minimum of 12 transferable units, you need to complete 6 required courses (see link below) before you can be admitted to their business school. I have no idea what "sas" is so I can't answer that part of your question. If you choose to take the required courses at some place other than Rutgers, makes sure the classes will be accepted by Rutgers first.
  • Question:-How do i find a rutgers cheer leader costume for halloween?
    any suggestions?? i want to be a rutgers cheer leader for halloween. Any one have an idea how to get the outfit?

    Answer:-Here it is :)

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