Sunday, October 30, 2011

school closings

  • Question:-school closings?
    what website can i search up my school closings?

    Answer:-Probably the websites of your local news stations.
  • Question:-School Closings?
    The local tv channels say we are off for school tomorrow but it is supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow.

    Is it possible for the school to open tomorrow if it already says its closed?

    Answer:-Yes, it is possible but unlikely in your circumstances. I recommend setting your alarm as normal and reading the close line again in the morning.

    One day my school was listed as CLOSED and then .. ta da! We had school. Our local news station had made a mistake when listing us as closed.
  • Question:-School closings?????????????????????????????????????????????????
    I live in Brighton Michigan and we didn't have school today for mid-winter break...does anyone know if Brighton Public schools are canceled tomorrow?

    Answer:-According to the school calendar which you should have a copy, school resumes tomorroow. I think that means that classes resume. It will be a regular school day:
  • Question:-Are there any Cincinnati school closings today?
    With the blizzard coming, I'd like to know is it heading towards the south or is it heading towards the north & if there are any school closings in Cincinnati? Cause channel 5 said there might be.

    Also, what's the best way to cope with driving in this mess? I am planning a ski trip and understand I need to at least have tire chains with me. Anyone know where to buy them and about how much they cost?

    Answer:-Some are closed, some have delays and others are open. See below:

    Faster response can be had by asking in the "Cincinnati" category...not "Chicago."
  • Question:-When will they put up all school closings?
    I woke up at 4 to see if schools closed..i couldn't find my school but idk if they are all up i read my school sight it said •The Superintendent and his staff will evaluate weather and road conditions before 5:30 a.m.
    •By 6:00 a.m., local radio & TV stations will announce any closings or delays.
    So can it be before six? and will it most likely be opened?

    Answer:-they have until 6 am to post it. if it get to 6, and theres nothing posted, you have school.

    if you checked at 4, and no postings, you probably have school. but you never know, he might just be a procrastinator...

    ohhh the days of watching the tv praying school would be called off!! i miss those days! lol
  • Question:-Where can I get text alerts for school closings?
    I am looking for something to sign up for online that will send text alerts to my phone when a school in NH is closed. It is a private school, if that makes any difference.

    I've found lots of these websites for Massachusetts and Maine, but i can't find one for New Hampshire. Thanks!

    Answer:-Hello, the way I signed up for text alerts was by visiting the local news websites and they provided the service. It is great the only bad part is that I received the text around 5:30am but I guess the sooner you are aware the better! Good luck!
  • Question:-Are there any school closings in Georgia?
    With the blizzard coming, I'd like to know is it heading towards the south or is it heading towards the north & if there are any school closings in Georgia?

    Answer:-This next week in Georgia is going to begetting warmer then it is today. School Closings will have to stay a dream, sorry.
  • Question:-How do people tell about school closings?
    When schools are closed how does the school board know what counties to close? If your county is not closed and it should be what can you do to report it?

    Answer:-For most of us in the northeast, it is done town by town. Anyways, the school board knows what counties to closed based on weather conditions and road conditions that are then reported to each school district. If the weather and/or road conditions are bad, then school will be closed. If a county or school district is not closed and should be close, then you can email the school district or call up the superintendent to notify them that the weather conditions are too severe for school to be open. Generally, you can't do nothing to report it because it is based on the superintendent to close school. You can provide some insight into your thinking, but when it comes right down to it, it the head of the district that determines if school should be closed. Sometimes, the bus drivers and/or teachers may say that they are unable to drive or are not willing to drive because of weather conditions on the roads. When that happens the superintendent is forced to close schools. It has happened before in my district.

    I hope this helps.
  • Question:-where can i find school closings in my area?
    where can i find school closings on the computer for tommorow?

    Answer:-Right here:,0,7571522.framedurl

    Or here:

    There are others, but two should be enough, right? :-)

    Good luck!!
  • Question:-are there ever school closings for reasons other than bad snowy weather?
    is snow the only factor that usually closes a school for a day. And i'm so lucky right now caus i have no school because of a snow day.

    Answer:-I live in florida, and here we have "Bad Weather days." If we have any kind of severe weather -like a tropical storm- that is scheduled to hit during school hours, we don't have school. During the hurricanes that hit a few years ago (like Charley and Frances) we didn't have school for weeks at a time!

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