Sunday, October 30, 2011

no shave november

  • Question:-Can only guys do No Shave November?
    I know it's for prostate cancer and I as a female can't grow a beard, but the No Shave November sounds fun to try. Is it only for facial hair and men?

  • Question:-Poll: Who's ready for NO SHAVE NOVEMBER?
    I'm not gonna shave all month and then December 1st I'm going to shave my beard into a HANDLE BAR MUSTACHE :D

    Answer:-<---------------Got the user name and the chinny chin chin for it already
  • Question:-So guys are you participating in no shave november?
    If you don't know what it is, basically you have to go the entire month of november without shaving.If you do decide to shave throughout november you're out. They even have a facebook group for it lol.

    Answer:-I've always wanted one of those big guru beards
  • Question:-Do you have any other ideas like No Shave November?
    Me and my friend are trying to come up with ideas of things to give up each month, like No Shave November. But we've ran out of good ideas. Any help?

    Answer:-no fap february

    no one can actually go the whole month, lol
  • Question:-Who is gonna participate in No Shave November?
    The month of November in which you don't shave any hair of your body but instead you grow more bestial, brutish, and manly.

    Answer:-im game i challenge all my contacts to do the same, ha! we will seperate the men from the boys and the women from the lil girls
  • Question:-What are the rules for girls on no shave november?
    No shave november is not just for guys i wanna know the rules for girls
    it is where you dont shave all november

    Answer:-Well wouldnt it just be the same as the guys....than...
  • Question:-Is it wrong for girls to participate in no shave November?
    I seriously haven't shaved my beard all of November.

  • Question:-How can i grow my beard faster this "No Shave November"?
    i am a 17 yr old guy, it has been about a week since no shave november started and i already have a really good gotee and mustache going. However, my beard is not growing fast at all on the sides, they are dark, but theres not many hairs.

    Is there any type of food or something i can do to make it grow faster???

    Answer:-I wouldn't recommend it but you could always try Rogaine.

    It also probably won't help much but if your do things to help increase the blood flow to your air follicles it might help a little. Massage your face with a warm wash cloth in the morning and a night.
  • Question:-What is the history of no-shave november? Where can I find it?
    I am a Resident Assistant at Colorado State University. I am doing a program on no-shave november, and I can't find the history on it. Someone told me it started in Oregon...

    Answer:-I dunno. Unless it would be part of the Bi-Centennial celebration they did for years.
    Good Luck.
  • Question:-How did No Shave November get started? And where did it come from?
    The title explains it all. Just want some info.

    Answer:-Here's a youtube video with the best description.

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