Monday, October 31, 2011

kris humphries

  • Question:-Should I drop Kris Humphries and Pick up Derrick Favors for Fantasy Basketball?
    Kris humphries is going beast for the nets but hes now coming off the bench. derrick favors now starts. idk if i should get favors or not. when he started, he got 11 points 14 rebounds.

    Answer:-humphries can produce close while getting 25ish minutes, whether hes on the bench or starting. Favors needs at least 32+ minutes to get to the same production as humphries. stick with humphries
  • Question:-Is anyone really surprised that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are getting divorced?
    I am surprised that it lasted this long. We all know Kim is hot but she is nuts. Her whole family is nuts. Kris should feel lucky to no longer be a part of it.

  • Question:-Is Kris Humphries making a big mistake asking Kim Kardashian to marry him?
    Even though Kim is hot & is one of the top females men would love to have sex with, I feel not only has her sex tape to Ray J made her famous but it has also hurt her. We all do our things but it ain't all out there for the world to see. In my opinion she really isn't the girl I want to introduce to my mom.

    Answer:-let the man choose whatever girl he wants its not like his mom cares who he marries after buying her a mansion.
  • Question:-How long do you think Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries will be married for?
    I give them 3 years tops before they split. She needs a lot of attention. The minute she gets bored with him she will meet another medicore athlete and dump him.

    Answer:-listen to the last name Humphries, you know that dude will be f*3nk other bitches in no TIME.
  • Question:-How expensive was the engagement ring in Kris Humphries proposal to Kim Kardashian?
    is the ring really expensive? I wanna know the type of the ring

    Answer:-i heard it was $2 million.
  • Question:-Is it true that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are getting a divorce?
    Please if you answer this you know if its true or not.

  • Question:-How long was Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries dating before he proposed to her?
    It seems like he just came out of nowhere.

    Answer:-5 or 6 months! I don't think she would have said yes if she was like 25 or something but now shes like almost 31! And her times coming so I think she wants to get her life started already so yeah she was kind of desperate! I think she would have married anyone or she would have married him in like 2-3 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P
  • Question:-Who is shocked about the news of the divorce of Kim Kardashine and Kris Humphries?
    I did not think it would last this long, what did you think when you heard?

  • Question:-Do you think kris humphries can be the next Dwight Howard?
    Since he became a starter he's been averaging like 15 ppg and 15 rpg
    when i say the next howard i mean almost as good.

    @airwarrior- Humphries can play Center. And people compare lebron to jordan-do they play the same position, no they do not.

    Answer:-Thats what he gets for dating a Kardashain.
  • Question:-How long do you think Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries marriage will last?
    Be honest as possible !

    Answer:-Honestly, I think they will only stay married for 6 months to a year. If they stay married beyond two years I would be truly shock. I think Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries whole marriage is just for publicity. I don't think Kim truly loves Kris. Kim Kardashian is a fame whore and will do anything for publicity. They will stay married long enough for them to get as much publicity as possible and then they are going to get a divorce.

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