Monday, October 31, 2011

rock center

  • Question:-I trying to find pictures of rock/flower center pieces to accent the front lawn?
    We are removing our current lawn(front yard) and we want to show a beautiful center peice, such as, a rock/flower center piece garden, with grass. The backyard will be golf turf for my husband to use for putting his golf balls.

    Answer:-I wasn't able to find any truly spectacular examples but the picture at,21135,1092887,00.html
    should give you some idea of the design principles for a circular flower bed. The idea is to create visual interest by using symmetry and by varying the height of the design elements. The centre should be something of height -- whether it is a fountain, a small tree, or a very large rock. It is then surrounded by circular plantings of medium height plants, followed by the lowest plants along the edges. You may want to vary the bloom times of the plantings that form your circles within the design -- tulips for spring closest to the centre, followed by progressively later blooming plants (or vice versa). For real punch, you can pick colours for each layer that are opposite each other on the colour wheel -- orange alternating with purple, or red alternating with blue. For something more harmonious, pick colours beside each other the colour wheel -- soft pinks and blues, for example.
    Annuals will give you a longer bloom time, so are more often used for circular flower beds than perennials. If you live in a hot dry part of the country, then your design might feature more of the desert species, arranged and layered in the same way I've described above.
  • Question:-When is the 2009 Xmas tree lighting at Rock Center in NYC?
    What date and time does the 2009 Xmas tree lighting take place at Rockefeller Center? Also anyone know who is performing this year?

    Answer:-"The live celebration of the 77th tree lighting will take place on Wednesday, December 2, 2009. Special guests are to be announced.

    When: Wednesday, December 2, 2009 from 7PM-9PM (tree is lit at 8:55PM)"
  • Question:-What shoes should I wear at an indoor rock climbing center? Is it worth 5 dollars to rent climbing shoes?

    Answer:-It depends, if you're a beginner you probably won't need them as most easy-moderate routes have decent footholds. You might want to continue climbing in trainers for a while and when you've improved to around level 5-6 try renting a pair. You'll probably find them uncomfortable like most people but try a hard climb. You should find it a bit easier. Then if you like them I would suggest buying a pair. If your climbing centre has a shop like mine, they should be happy to look at how you climb and suggest shoes to suit you best.
    Happy Climbing!
  • Question:-how much money does the plasma center in little rock AR pay for plasma blood?
    i need to know how much little rock pays before i drive all the way over there and waste my gas on just $20 or $25 dollars? can someone please help me?

    Answer:-I would suggest that before you look at how much you will be paid to donate, you should think of the impact it may have on someones life. If one of your family needed plasma or blood would you appreciate there being a delay because someone was too worried about wasting a little petrol??

    In australia we do not get paid to donate plasma, we dontate because we want to help.

    I think you should donate your plasma and give anything you make back to the collection centre.
  • Question:-Spreading center volcanism is associated with which rock type?
    Also, what causes rocks to melt in regions of spreading-center volcanism?

    Answer:-When I think of spreading centers, I think of Mid-ocean Ridges in the ocean, so just think of what makes up the sea floor... Basalt.

    And an eruption occurs usually occurs when the sea floor is spread apart thin enough to allow magma to push through, and a combination of the addition of water and the lowering of pressure as the magma rises keeps the magma liquid and allows it to flow as lava to the surface.
  • Question:-Why is it that even though the center of the Earth is molten rock, that everything around it is solid?
    We have all been told that the center of the Earth is molten rock, but since it is at such high temperature then why isn't everything else just melted? The same way that even though the surface of venus is between 400 degrees F and 740 K (hot enough to melt lead) why isn't the planet just molten rock?

    Answer:-Everybody seems to have missed one little thing. The Earth's core isn't molten rock. It's molten iron. Whether or not something is molten depends on pressure and temperature. The temperature at the inner core is high enough to overcome the pressure that tries to keep it solid.
  • Question:-if a rock is dropped through a hole to the center of the earth, will it gain or lose weight by the time it?
    if a rock is dropped through a hole to the center of the earth, will it gain or lose weight by the time it reaches the center? I know the mass will remain unchanged. Thanks!

    Answer:-It will lose weight as it descends into the earth.

    The inverse square relationship of gravity and distance only applies to point masses. With spherical masses, it is accurate to consider them as point sources as long as the distance between the objects is greater than their radii.

    Using calculus, it is provable that inside of a spherical shell, the force exerted by gravity is zero. So for the object inside of the earth, the mass of the earth beyond the distance between the two centers of mass can be neglected in calculating the force on the object.

    Intuitively, you can probably grasp this by imagining an object at the earth's center. Gravity will pull on it equally in all directions, thus having a net force of zero.
  • Question:-if a syncline were worn away would you find the oldest rock at the center or edge?
    I need help with my homework and I have to find it on the internet but I can't find it anywhere! HELP! (please)

    Answer:-Hi. At the edge.
  • Question:-What was the type of mineral/rock that the people in Journey to the Center of the Earth fell through?
    When Trevor Shaun and that mountain guide chick were in the place where all the minerals and stuff were. When Shaun dropped the diamond and it crack the floor and they collapsed through it...What type of mineral or rock was that? I have to write a stupid report on it for school:/ Please help me!

  • Question:-How painful is it to be front and center at a rock concert?
    Crowdsurfers, mosh pits, etc.

    Answer:-Yeahh kinda lol.
    Especially if the singer comes down by you... Fun but kinda hard to breath lol

    oh and by the way I like your picture
    Silverstein <3 lol

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