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world series mvp

  • Question:-Which Dodger is gonna be the world series MVP?
    I hate to spoil things for you but the Dodgers will sweep the phillies in the nlcs then sweep the red sux so the only question left is which Dodger will be named world series mvp?
    Maybe Manny after he bombs papelbonG 3 times?
    Maybe Derek Lowe after he tosses 2 shutouts?
    Maybe Chad Bllinglsey after he tosses a no hitter?

    Answer:-Co-MVP's; Manny & Lowe, both former red sox will punch their former team in the mouth!
  • Question:-Who is the only player to win the World Series MVP award, but was on the losing team?, what year and team?
    I've heard there is one player to win the world series mvp award who was on the losing team. All the other MVP's were on the winning team.

    Answer:-The 1960 Yankees outplayed the Pirates in every aspect but still lost the series in Seven. Besides Bobby Richardson winning the MVP on a losing team it was also notable for the first ever walk-off homer to clinch a series. Ironically it was the Pirates second base man, Bill Mazeroski< who accomplished that.
  • Question:-Who will win the World Series and who will be the MVP?
    Tell me who will win the world series. How many games they will win it in and who will be the MVP. I would go with Rockies in 5 and Matt Holiday gets World Series mvp.

    Answer:-Red Sox in 4 the MVP goes to either Ellsbury or Pedroia, two of the greatest rookies n baseball tat should bring the Red Sox many World Series Titles to come.
  • Question:-Will Matt Holliday be the 1st World Series loser MVP since Bobby Richardson?
    Holliday has been a huge key to the Rangers World Series victory.
    Should they allow him to celebrate with the Rangers & crown him the 2011 World Series MVP?
    The 1st on a losing team since bobby richardson in 1960.

  • Question:-Will Edgar Rentaria get World Series MVP if the Giants win this game?
    Seems like an obvious choice given what he just did 2 minutes ago, and this World Series.
    Or maybe Tim Lincecum? Aubrey Huff? Predictions?
    Good point King Of..I forgot to add Matt Cain to the mix. He's been invincible not only this World Series, but the post-season in general.

    Answer:-Reneria does get it I think .
  • Question:-Should Cole Hamels give his World Series MVP trophy to Billy Wagner?
    If Billy Wagner does not get injured the Philies dont even make the playoffs, the Mets were a superior team to the Phillies & the Mets spanked them in the regular season until Wagner went down for the year. The Phillies squeaked into the playoffs just because of the injury so Billy Wagner is the real world series MVP?

    Answer:-No but he should give it to J.C. Romero or Brad Lidge.

    Cole Hamels was 1-0 with a 2.77 ERA, a 1.00 WHIP, and only 8 strikeouts. He's only the 4th starting pitcher to win the WS MVP with only 1 victory. The others were Josh Beckett in 2003 (1-1, 1.10 ERA and 19 strikeouts), Curt Schilling in 2002 (1-0, 1.69 ERA and 26 strikeouts), and Don Larson in 1956 (perfect game)

    Romero was 2-0 with a 0.00 ERA allowing only 2 baserunners in 4 2/3 innings for a 0.43 WHIP
    Lidge had 2 saves, a 0.00 ERA and a WHIP of 0.50.
  • Question:-Why was Mike Lowell named the World Series MVP?
    I mean if you just picking a player from a 4 games series, then you would pick Papelbon right, with 3 great saves and no runs allowed. Lowell only driven in 4 runs and jacboy has a better batting average.

    Answer:-This is Why

    Mike Lowell is much more than some throw-in on a Red Sox trade. He's the World Series MVP.

    The steady third baseman capped an outstanding October with a big performance Sunday night, earning MVP honors as Boston finished a four-game sweep with a 4-3 victory over the Colorado Rockies.

    Earlier in the Series, Lowell called himself "the throw-in" on the 2005 deal with Florida that brought ace Josh Beckett to Boston. Nobody looks at Lowell that way anymore.

    He homered, doubled and scored twice in the Game 4 clincher at Coors Field, dirtying his uniform with a headfirst slide at the plate that typified his whatever-it-takes attitude. Lowell hit .400 (6-for-15) in the Series with four RBIs, three walks and a team-high six runs.

    "I'm on Cloud 9. It's unbelievable," Lowell said, his glistening MVP trophy sitting right in front of him. "We've got a lot of people to give credit to."

    When the Red Sox swept St. Louis in 2004 for their first championship in 86 years, Lowell was still in Florida. This time, he's got an invitation to the party.

    A key cog in Boston's powerful lineup, Lowell bats fifth behind David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez. Lowell's job is to protect those big boppers by driving in enough runs to make opponents think twice about walking them.

    Few could have done it better this year.

    Lowell set career bests by batting .324 with a team-leading 120 RBIs. Pretty good numbers to show potential suitors in the offseason, when he can become a free agent.

    His best sales pitch, however, might be his production under pressure.

    Lowell, who also won a World Series ring with the Marlins in 2003, hit .348 this postseason with two homers and 13 RBIs. He did it quietly, like almost everything. But that doesn't mean it went unnoticed.

    About 15 minutes after the final out, a huge horde of red-clad Boston fans behind the third base dugout chanted "MVP! MVP!" for Lowell and "Re-sign Lowell! Re-sign Lowell!"

    A four-time All-Star, Lowell got tossed into the Beckett trade because the small-budget Marlins wanted to shed his $9 million salary after he had a disappointing season.

    The Red Sox made him their everyday third baseman, and they've been rewarded with two fine years of professionalism and leadership in the clubhouse.

    "I was the throw-in in the deal. They needed Josh Beckett," Lowell said last week. "They needed to get a top right-handed pitcher, and I don't think the Red Sox after the '05 season were like, Lowell has to be in that deal for us to take Beckett. I'm sure that's not the way they were going."

    It was Beckett who won the 2003 World Series MVP for the surprising Marlins.

    Now, Lowell has a trophy of his own.
  • Question:-How did Livan Hernandez win the World Series MVP?
    His pitching record from the 1997 Series is completely unremarkable. He won 2 games, but gave up 8 runs in 13 innings and only struck out 7.

    BQ: Hey, Giants fans, I know you guys love Hernandez. Do you think he deserved this award?
    BQ: Hey, Twins fans, I know you guys love Hernandez. Do you think he deserved this award?

    Answer:-The first answer has a good point - coming from Cuba and playing in Miami was one of the big stories, if I recall they allowed his mom to fly in from Cuba to see him pitch (I could be wrong about that). He was certainly the biggest story of the series, but Moises Alou was the best player (along with Sandy Alomar for Cleveland).
  • Question:-In 1960 Why did Bobby Richardson win world series mvp if his yankees lost to the pirates?
    Just wonderin why did the media vote him ws mvp if his team lost?
    do you think something like that can happen today?
    or to much criticism?

    Answer:-Richardson in 1960, Lynn in the 1982 ALCS, Scott in the 1986 NLCS, and Leonard in the 1987 NLCS are, IIRC, the only postseason series MVP winners from losing teams.

    Richardson had a very good Series, probably the second-best offensive performance on the Yankees (behind Mantle). He drove in 12 RBI, still the record for a single World Series and tied for any postseason series, including 6 RBI in one game, still the World Series record -- and the writers shore do luv them some heapin' helpin's of RBI. (Mantle knocked in 11, but remember, for Mantle this sort of thing was expected. The writers also love being surprised.)

    No one on the Pirates could remotely compare. Clemente batted .310, but also slugged .310 -- all singles. Among the Pirates' regulars, Mazeroski really was the star, batting .320 and hitting two homers (one still very famous). The rest of the team hit two, total.

    The pitchers? Pirates hurlers got painfully beat up. Roy Face saved three of the wins but, obviously, not the famous clincher. Yankee ace Ford went 2-0 with two shutouts, very nice, but was also gifted HUGE leads both times (winning 10-0 and 12-0).

    There just wasn't a standout Pirate, not even Maz with his last-moment heroics, that held a candle to several Yankees.

    Postseason series MVPs today, however, are ALWAYS given to a player from the winning team. Worst joke in recent years: the 2002 WS MVP to Angels 3B Troy Glaus, who no doubt had a great Series performance; but Giants LF Himself put on a truly historic display. Ah well; given the excuse that the Giants didn't win and their pattern of despising him, the writers probably gave themselves muscle spasms erasing Bonds' name from the bits of paper and scribbling in Glaus'.
  • Question:-Will Cliff Lee win the world series MVP after the phillies win game 4?
    Sweep bye bye Yankees who only can get ot the World Series by over paying almost the whole starting lineup.

    Answer:-Yes. Yankees Suck!!

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