Thursday, October 27, 2011

michael lohan

  • Question:-Which celebrity do you like more, Michael Lohan or Michael Jackson?
    For those who don't know what the definition of a celebrity is: 1. A famous person.

    Everyone knows who Michael Lohan is therefore he is a celebrity.

    Now then, I believe that Mr. Lohan is far more talented and worthy of my respect than Jackson is.

    Answer:-Definitely Michael Lohan! He might not be the world's greatest father but at least he never dangled his baby off a balcony!
  • Question:-Could Lindsay Lohan be a virgin birth, which Michael Lohan is forcing Dina Lohan to cover up?
    I think Lindsay Lohan may have been a virgin birth to her mother, Dina Lohan, but Michael Lohan is forcing Dina Lohan to remain quiet so he can exploit Lindsay Lohan's celebrity as opposed to seeing her be revered for the miracle that she is.

    What are your thoughts on this theory?

    Answer:-Sorry, but the Lohans live on Long Island and I don't think that there have ever been three wise men within fifty miles of their neighborhood.
  • Question:-What do you think about Dina and Michael Lohan?
    One trying to mess up Lindsay's acting career, while the other trying to save her career and her life. What do you think?

    Answer:-I think I'll watch it and let them play the role
  • Question:-Who is the worst father in the world John Goslin or Michael Lohan?
    Or pick one of your own to win...A Brand New Cadillac...just kidding.just pick one.

    Answer:-Joe Jackson
  • Question:-What's the name of the song used on Living Lohan when Cody and Michael are playing basketball?
    It's the episode where Ali has to go to Las Vegas to record her album or song and Michael is asking Cody why he doesn't want to go to Las Vegas. The song that was played sounds like a rock song. If anyone can help me out I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Answer:-The song you are looking for is called "Maccabi Shoham to the NBA."

  • Question:-Who is a worse father, Levi Johnston, Michael Lohan or Jon Gosselin?

    Answer:-I'd say Bob Geldof. Look at his daughters! Disgraceful
  • Question:-Does anyone know the DNA results for Michael Lohan's supposed love child?

    Answer:-I beleive those tests are not released to the public yet
  • Question:-POLL : Did Lindsay Lohan become a Drug Addict Because Her Father Michael Lohan was a Drug Addict?

    Answer:-Short answer: no.
    Drugs are an escape from reality. People who use drugs don't like their life as it is. Bottom line. Sometimes they're trying to fit in, but that suggests they feel a need to be accepted. Then they get hooked. No one can say why she doesn't like her life, or started in the first place, but she's seeking an alternate reality. In most cases, you really can't pin it on anything. It's a multitude of things. It's not genetic. It's a product of environment. You see it in a lot of child actors. I hope she becomes content with sobriety, and hope she lives happy. She's actually incredibly talented and beautiful.
  • Question:-Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan are best friends. Is this the work of the Devil?
    Oh my dear Lord!

    Jon Gosselin ("Jon and Kate, plus Eight" - he cheated on his wife, which is a sin, in case you didn't know) was spotted at the dastardly Michael Lohan's (who also cheated on his wife, Dina Lohan, which is also a big sin) home in Long Island, New York! Worse, Jon Gosselin was smoking cigarettes with Michael Lohan!

    Do you think that the Devil (also known as Lucifer in the Bible) is behind this unholy union?

    Do you think the Devil is on a mission to make Lindsay Lohan unhappy by bringing evil people like Jon Gosselin into her life?

    Lastly, what can we, as Ms. Lohan's fans and followers, do to stem the tide of this corrupt coupling before it affects Ms. Lohan?

    Answer:-No...I don't think so. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe this experience will make Ms. Lohan stronger in the end.
  • Question:-Will Lindsay Lohan replace Michael Jackson as the "Queen of Pop?"?
    Anybody who has heard Ms. Lohan's angelic voice knows that she is as talented, if not more talented, than Michael Jackson was.

    Do you think, with the release of her third album only weeks away, Lindsay Lohan is poised to replace Michael Jackson as the "Queen of Pop" music?

    Answer:-I thought she was the Queen of Pop before MJ died. Lindsay's talent is unbelievable, and comes around rarely. She is on her way to become a legend!!

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