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ghost hunters

  • Question:-Ghost hunters??????????????????/?
    My cousin doesn't believe me than Brian Harnois and Andy ( don't know what his last name is) was from the regular series of ghost hunters. He thinks that all the people from ghost hunters international aren't from the regular ghost hunters. So am I right or wrong that some of the members of ghost hunters international were from ghost hunters regular series at first.

    Answer:-You are right, Brian Harnois and Andy Andrews were both in the original Ghosthunters series!
  • Question:-ghost hunters?
    is there any website i can go to to see ghost hunters a.k.a taps season 2 diffrent episodes for free?

    Answer:-Try these sites .
  • Question:-Ghost Hunters?
    They were having a Ghost Hunters ( the one with TAPS) yesterday getting ready for their season premiere,, and there was an episode about a florida light house,, does anyone know the name of the Episode? or if there's a way to watch the entire thing? It was a really great episode that had some amazing stuff in it.

    Answer:-They usually have all the episodes and their findings on the official website.:
    I *love* that show!!!!! Did you see Tombstone?? Very cool! I was at the Bird Cage and I experienced what they had as well: the lady in white, the perfume smell, the card shuffling, the shadow that walked across the stage, etc. It was GREAT!
  • Question:-What is better ghost adventures or ghost hunters?
    okay in my opinion ghost adventure is way better than ghost hunters. First of all, unlike the ghost hunter crew, the GAC (ghost adventure crew) has less people so the evidence couldn't get contaminated with. Also GAC has the same scientific equipment as the ghost hunter crew does. I think that since the Ghost adventure crew takes more of a emotional approach when they investigate, is the reason why they get way more evidence than ghost hunters. i think that ghost hunters hardly get any evidence and overall is just to boring to watch. Whereas ghost adventure is exciting and i believe all the evidence they catch is TRUE! so GHOST ADVENTURE IS BETTER!

    Answer:-Ghost Hunters
    "Dude did you hear that" "RUN!"

    Ghost Adventures
    "Dude you heard that too right" "Come on lets find it"

    I like GA better
  • Question:-How does Ghost Hunters get the flash light to turn off and on?
    I use to like Ghost Hunters but after watching so many shows some of it seems a little hokey. Like why is it always the light they can turn off but can't do anything else. Some of the things I just don't believe are ghosts. But, how do they do it with the light?

    Answer:-I think sometimes it is a little over the edge, but at the same time, if you weren't a believer before the show and you're watching it, expecting it to turn you into a're just gonna end up thinking its fake. Its isn't always real, but I don't think that its always fake either. The live ones? Those are fake. There was one where they set up a camera and there was a head at the end of the hallway peeking out, I doubt that was fake. Some things are hard to fake.

    The flashlight is a really hard debunk, but I'm sure there's a way. Poke it with something and edit it out later? Lots of camera tricks could get rid of it.
  • Question:-How to start off a story about ghost hunters?
    I am looking for prompts. It is coming from the point of view of Cookie, one of the ghost hunters. There are 3 other ghost hunters: Zak, Grant, and Dave.

    The entire story is supposed to take place over 3 days, and it's going to take place in the most haunted house in the country.
    And they are professionals, and have tons of equipment. But they've never stayed in a haunted house as long as 3 days.

    Answer:-COOKIE'S DIARY

    Monday, May 3rd, 2010 - It was noon when we received the call. Zak, Grant, Dave and me were sitting in our office. We had got nothing to do, so we sat and talked to each other. "What did you do this weekend?", I asked the others. "Oh, nothing special. Only left the house to go for a walk yesterday", Grant answered. I looked at Zak. "I visited my mother. She lives in a very big house - big enough for lots of ghosts", he joked.

    But suddenly the phone rang. Dave put off: "Yes?" - "I understand." - "When did you see the ghost first time?" - "Three days before? Okay. We will come as soon as possible." After he had hung up, he told us: "It was an old lady. She said that there's a ghost in her house." - "Where does she live?", I wanted to know. "She lives in a big, old house two hours away from here. We should come as soon as possible", he replied...

    That would be my idea for the begin of such a story.
  • Question:-Why do the idiots on Ghost Hunters turn off the lights during their investigations?
    Assuming ghosts exist, the theory is that in order to manifest/ show themselves, they draw energy from light energy. The dumb asses on the TV show ghost hunters shut the lights off for dramatic effect on their show. What are they thinking?

    Answer:-Most of the video cameras that are used in many investigations including many of the paranormal programs are night vision and are light sensitive so dimming the lights or going lights out is essential. Also by working in dark light or no light it allows for there not to be many shadows which can fool the eyes and cause someone to mistake a normal shadow for a possible "Shadow Person'. Also working with EMF meters can require that there not be much electrical devices and fixtures on so they do not get false readings. Ghosts and spirits are energy and you are more likely to get an accurate reading without power being on though you can still investigate it is a bit more accurate with it off.
  • Question:-How to stream live ghost hunters on syfy using TVersity?
    I want to watch the live ghost hunters halloween special, and I have TVersity. How can I stream it from the website to my TV using th TVersity program?

  • Question:-What Ghost Hunters episode has the possessed girl?
    At the Dragoncon 08 Ghost Hunters panel there was a question asked where a specific episode was brought up. I do not recall this episode but it involved a possessed girl and the older sister being involved in cult activity. Does anyone know of this episode and what season it was?

    Answer:-Not spirits. Demons. Wow, if only people would REALLY know what they're getting into is real...
    And it's bad.
    Read your Bible more. :D
    I dunno. If I were you I wouldn't waste my time, but maybe that's just me.
  • Question:-What are all the locations of the Ghost Hunters live Halloween specials?
    I was just wondering where all Ghost Hunters has done their live Halloween shows. I am having difficulty finding a list anywhere. Thank you all.

    Answer:-2006 - The Stanley Hotel
    2007 - Waverly Hills Sanatorium
    2008 - Fort Delaware
    2009 - Eastern State Penitentiary (I think)

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