Monday, October 31, 2011

herman cain

  • Question:-What would have happened if Herman Cain said he wouldn't feel comfortable appointing a Jew to his cabinet?
    Hermain Cain famously said that he would be uncomfortable appointing a Muslim to his cabinet. I don't know why he said this, but the media mostly gave him a pass on it. Glenn Beck seemed to welcome the comment and has invited Herman Cain to come to Israel for Beck's America Zionist rally, Restoring Courage.

    What would have happened if Herman Cain said he wouldn't feel comfortable appointing a Jew to his cabinet?

    Answer:-i would say that he is stupidly limiting his choices.
  • Question:-How can the Herman Cain scandal be a liberal smear campaign when he is running against OTHER Republicans?
    That is, at the moment, Herman Cain is Running for the G0P nomination.

  • Question:-What makes Herman Cain Stand out from the other GOP Candidates?
    I look at the GOP Debates and their positions on issues and Herman Cain to me looks like the only one that is electable.

    He speaks clearly, right to the point and doesn't come off as a big phoney.

    I really like that he has specific plans on how to fix this country which is more than I can say for the current President.

    So what makes Herman Cain Stand out from the other GOP Candidates to you?

    Answer:-You like him
  • Question:-Why do people support Herman Cain when black presidents cannot be successful?
    Obama is living proof that we should never vote for black presidents again. So knowing that, then why do people support Herman Cain?

    Answer:-Obama is living proof that we should never vote for corporatist puppets who will rape the country with bailouts, crony capitalism, wars of aggression, and unrestrained spending.

    Herman Cain is exactly the same kind of puppet.

    So are George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachman.

    Men (and women) without without a deep and abiding love of human freedom are unfit to govern, no matter WHAT color skin they have.

    Ron Paul 2012.
  • Question:-Are the polls indicative that Herman Cain is grabbing a bigger slice of the Republican pie?
    It's clear Cain is topping all of the polls, with his saucy 999 plan aimed at saving taxpayers more dough, and getting entitlement parasites away from the government cheese.

    Will Herman Cain rise in the polls and break through the crust of the issues that matter?

    Answer:-Herman Cain is a glorified side show who represents a bunch haters and clowns. I assure you his moment in the sun will be short lived. When Cain says we should build an alligator moat along the border and give citizenship to illegals who make it across, is neither funny or remotely relevant to anything. It further exposes the fact that conservatives need to cater to nut jobs and creeps in order to gain political traction in the primary. Cain, Bachman and other sell outs will not become the nominee because the republican hierarchy is not stupid. They know idiots like that will get eaten alive and rejected in the general election by normal people.
  • Question:-Is Herman Cain scared now that his book tour is being taken seriously as a presidential run?
    Herman Cain just wanted to sell books, and now the Tea Party is taking him seriously as he has surpassed Romney in certain polls.

    Since he has no foreign policy experience whatsoever, is Herman Cain worried that he could become nominated? It was just supposed to be a book tour to sell his new book.

    Answer:-Cain is just glad to have a forum. He's a smart man. He knows he won't get the nomination.
  • Question:-How many votes in the Senate would Herman Cain need to pass his 999 plan?
    If Herman Cain were president, would he need 51 votes or 60 votes in the senate to pass his 999 plan in the Senate? I know he would need 218 votes in the house, I suppose I dont understand what can and cat be filibustered.

    Im not interested in your opinion of the plan im more interested in if it can pass.

    Answer:-He would have a difficult time getting votes because few of them understand taxation or economics. The media has shown complete ignorance of our system already so no help there. It or something similar is the correct approach to reduce our debt, bring back jobs, and make us much more competitive internationally but I have little hope in people understanding that.
  • Question:-Pizza CEO Herman Cain running for president WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD?
    I ask myself, is this what AMERICA wants? A Pizza CEO running the country?

    Herman Cain is another Obama and he will disappoint every smart american.

    Ron Paul is the answer to freedom and America's last hope.

    Answer:-If you want to know how America would look under a Cain presidency, check out the attached link.
  • Question:-How desperate is the left to make up allegations against Herman Cain?
    I want every liberal to put up or shut the F up. No evidence of any sexual harassment exists of Herman Cain harassing anyone. The investigations found NO evidence a crime took place, and Herman Cain was NEVER involved in making any deal for money to be paid out in any shape of form. Cain will be suing politico, and anyone who jumps on the Lynch mob is indeed nothing less than a racist.

  • Question:-Should righties send Herman Cain home now since he will be useless to them in the election campaign?
    If Obama went into a diabetic coma for duration of the campaign, he would still beat Herman Cain.

    Answer:-Yes, if Herman Cain were the Republic nominee liberals/Deomcrats couldn't call republicans racist. Oh wait, unless they claimed we were racist because Obama is half white.

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