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thomas kinkade

  • Question:-Thomas Kinkade?
    Why do they call Thomas Kinkade the "painter of lights"?

    I was just wondering if anyone had a painting by Thomas Kinkade that demonstrates what people mean when they call him the painter of light. Like an example I can see. Thanks for all your answers in advance.

    Answer:-He is considered the "Painter of Light" because he focuses his attention on the effects that light has on landscapes at different times of day. He has a great understanding on how light and shadow play on objects.
    The link below has many examples.
  • Question:-What time period and location look like Thomas Kinkade's cottage paintings?
    I love the Thomas Kinkade cottage paintings, and was wondering what you think the era/time period and location of these paintings resembles? What places inspire his paintings?

    Answer:-The christman cottages seem to be New England, time period could be 1800- present.
  • Question:-What is the name of the artist that shared Thomas Kinkade's art gallery?
    It was Thomas Kinkade's art gallery in Marietta, Georgia and it was about 4-5 years ago. This other artist was able to share the gallery to display his work along side Thomas Kinkade's own. His work was different in that light shining directly on the painting would alter day to night and vice versa. Meaning if you shone light on one side of the picture, it would be daytime but if you shone the light on the other side of the painting, it would be night time. Can anyone help with the name? Thank you for any help!

    Answer:-The gallery in Marietta, Georgia is the Marlow House.

    Featured/partner artists are;
    Jose and Mario Candia
    Ekarat Beyer

    Jose and Mario Candia are painters, Ekarat Beyer is a ceramicist.

    Are you thinking of Jose or Mario Candia?
    "Jose and Mario Candia are Canadian artists, born in Argentina where they studied painting and design in their native city of Tandil. Jose’s last works depict the flavour of a bygone epoch with acute detail: colourful facades, nostalgic affiches on decaying walls, or that cobblestone passage to explore. In his paintings he presents a broad thematic versatility brought to life in the colours, lights and shadows. “Mario Candia’s skilled and refined technique produces genuine works of art. He knows arrangement of lines…., conceiving his works in a vast range of lights, darks and half-tones. Furthermore, he expresses an exquisite validity of mist and shadow which recreates a unique atmosphere within a wise harmony. His concern for the forms, contrasts and precise tones renders his artistic sensibilities more noticeable, thus giving form to an aesthetic projection of great pictorial value.”
  • Question:-where can I purchase thomas kinkade puzzles?
    I just got the ten pack of thomas kinkade puzzles and want to frame them. I also want to get some more thomas kinkade puzzles. Does any one know where I can purchase them?
  • Question:-how do i learn how to paint like thomas kinkade?
    My Thai wife in an aspiring artist and she would like to learn how to paint like thomas kinkade. Does anyone know if he put a how to book out?

    Answer:-Kinkade's style is similar to bill alexander and bob ross.

    Alexander is so much fun to watch, and ross was a great teacher. Alexander was the teacher of bob ross .

    You can find their videos on line.
  • Question:-Would there be a Christian market for my fusion of Thomas Kinkade with Tom of Finland?
    Those who know me know that I am a competent illustrator, and I have been working on a synthesis of the style of Thomas Kinkade with that of Tom of Finland; I think the possibilities are great for showing how light reflects off of leather, you see. Will this sell in the Christian market?

    Answer:-Hm, bucolic beefcake..

    I like it!
  • Question:-where do you go to buy Thomas Kinkade items in Houston?
    where do you go to buy Thomas Kinkade items in Houston? i did a google search and tlc galleries came up but so did signature dealers. i just wanna buy a dam painting without driving all over the world. guidance please?

    Answer:-Thomas Kinkade-TLC Gallery
    2329 Bay Area Blvd
    Houston, TX 77058
    (281) 486-8906
  • Question:-What is a thomas KinKade signed book worth?
    I have a book Titled Simpler Times by Thomas Kinkade how much is it worth?

    Answer:-Go to and look it up and see if anybody is selling one and what they are charging.
  • Question:-How many pieces are in the Thomas Kinkade Nativity?
    My mom and dad gave me the Thomas Kinkade Nativity (the backdrop and Mary Joseph and the Baby Jesus) for Christmas 2005. The pieces have been coming ever since. we were wondering how many pieces are coming. I just got the Shepherd and the brown Donkey today. Thanks A Lot!!

    Answer:-Here is the link to the various Collections of Thomas Kinkade.

    Hope this helped,
  • Question:-paint by number kits by Thomas Kinkade?
    I'm intererested in finding a distributer in Waukesha, or Milwaukee area in Wisconsin that carrys the "Painter Of Light Collection", by the artist, Thomas Kinkade. These should be Acrylic, or Pencil Kits.

    Answer:-I've seen them at Hobby Lobby as well as his paints and brushes.

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