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boston weather

  • Question:-How should i prepare for the Boston Weather?
    I will be attending school in Devens, Mass. About a hour away from Boston. I am from Miami Beach, FL. , born and raised. I've never seen snow before. I have never experience weather lower than 40 degrees. What should i buy to prepare my self for the weather?

    Answer:-You are in for a rude surprise.
    It can get painfully cold in Massachusetts in the winter. And winter never seems to end either. You will need lots of sweaters, a heavy winter coat, gloves, hat, boots and a scarf, and guess what, you'll still be cold! Get a snow shovel, too, you will need to dig your car out of the numerous snowstorms we get.

    good luck!
  • Question:-boston weather?

    Answer:-the expression about Boston weather is "if you don't like it, just wait 5 minutes!" It can change from beautiful and sunny to rainy and cold just about that quickly. You can have snow one day and 50 degree temperatures the next.

    If you like a lot of variety, and a chance to wear lots of different kinds of clothes, you'll love the weather in Boston!
  • Question:-How is the weather in boston this week end?
    I am going with my friends to boston this week end, fri,sat and sun. Is there any snow storm/bad weather predicted this week end? Will it be colder than NYC?

    Answer:-Watch the weather. What happens in NYC usually happens in Boston a few hours later. It's usually colder in Boston than NYC, but not always.
  • Question:-How's the weather in Boston in the summer (july)? What type of clothing should I use?
    I'm going to be in Boston the whole month of July. Hows the weather at that time? What kind of clothes should I wear?

    Answer:-July in Boston is usually super hot and muggy. If it rains it will be hot and muggy also. Dress for warm weather but make sure you do not wear anything with the New York Yankees Logo on it!!!! The natives do not appreciate that.
  • Question:-What's the best "weather" month to go to Boston?
    I'm from Jersey, so I'm used to some cold weather, but I've heard that the weather in Boston is pretty unpredictable. I was planning on taking a trip there about March 16th, but I'm hearing the weather can be pretty lousy to be out walking around. I would like to know what seems like the best month for the weather in Boston. Thanks...

    Answer:-I like May here - the trees are full, the flowers are blooming. Boston Common and the Public Garden looks great. Not too much rain and sunny days which sound awesome now that we're in another snowstorm!
  • Question:-How is the weather in Boston?
    I'm traveling to Boston on November 19th and staying until the 26th. I was wondering how the weather is during that time of year, because even after reading all of the statistics, you really don't know unless you've been. I'm from the south, it's warm and I love it. I've only been to the upper east (Maine, Maryland, New York) during summer months, so i'm just wondering if anyone can give me any tips on the weather in November?
    What's the temperature really like? Does it rain/snow often? Is there anything I specifically need to pack?

    Answer:-If you plan to go to Boston in November, you just need to pack approximately with long sheets, coats, and some sweaters. The degree in November in Boston usually is:

    Average November high temperature: 58° F
    Average November low temperature: 38° F
    Record high temperature for November: 83° F (1950)
    Record low temperature for November: -2° F (1875)
    Average precipitation for November: 3.58 inches

    November in Boston could be warm as well as cold and dry. Weather conditions in November in Boston are quite different every year. But the average temperatures could give you some helpful reference. It does not rain too much in the time. But sometimes there may be much rain. If you are lucky, you may come across with a quite nice weather condition.

    What To Pack:
    warm vest,
    rainproof gear

    If you visit Boston at the end of November, be sure to bring some think clothes. Make sure to bring some warm jackets or coats,
    insulated gloves,
    a hat,
    some warm socks

    As for other items and details you should take into consideration, you can check Boston weather web site
    to get more constructive tips and suggestions.

    Have a Nice Trip~~~~
  • Question:-New York City, Boston, Salem weather in November?
    I am a Southern Californian and for my honeymoon in November 2011, my fiance and I are planning to visit New York City, Boston, and Salem. I am very excited about our trip as we have never visited the east coast. However I am wondering, how is the weather in these places in November? Obviously I know it will be somewhat cool, but does it rain much? Any chances for snow?

    Answer:-November is a changable month. Temperatures can range from the 20s to the 70s. Boston is usually 5 - 6 degrees F colder than New York; Salem another degree or two colder still. A lot depends on what part of the month you are coming. It can always snow but because most winter storms are "nor'easter" ocean storms with easterly winds and the Atlantic has not cooled off enough yet the really bad snowstorms usually hold off until mid-December or later. In Boston it usually precipitates every 3 or 4 days throughout the year; mostly frontal showers and thunderstorms from June until September and cyclonic storm systems otherwise (although southeastern New England has experienced the season's first nor'easter just this week, about a month or so early).

    Too bad you are not getting married a month earlier so you could see the spectacular New England foliage.

    A couple of romantic honeymoon tips: (1) If you are renting a car instead of driving from N.Y. to Boston via I-95 all the way drive instead on I-495 through Long Island and then take the ferry. This will also allow you a day of wine tasting from Riverhead through the Long Island North Fork; the eastern USA's best wine appellation (I am assuming this would be of interest to a Californian and (2) instead of staying in Salem stay at a B&B in Rockport, at the tip of Cape Ann about 20 miles to the northeast. Rockport will remind you of Monterey, except that it is nicer. There is direct train service
    to Salem from Rockport, also.

    If you are not renting a car take trains as much as possible. If you think L.A. traffic is a bummer wait until you drive in N.Y.C., and Boston is even worse! Both cities have extensive local train service as well as subways, with Amtrak connecting the two, although unfortunately Boston's does
    not go to downtown Lexington and Concord so if you wish to see the historic Revolutionary and Transcendendalist sites there a one day car rental will be necessary.

    If you have the time consider adding a day in Providence or a day in Portland, Maine.

    Another assumption about you being Californians: that you will want to eat lobster. Do not order it at a regular or fine restaurant, you will be ripped off! Go instead to a "seafood shack" sort of place.

    Have a great trip.
  • Question:-What will the weather be in boston in midd March?
    Im heading back to Boston in mid march to see some family and a lot of bad weather has been happining acroos the country this year such as snow storms. Will the weather be any better? If so what will it be like?

    Answer:-Too far out to tell
    but usually weather in New England is lousy in March
    I would expect cold and possibly wet weather in March

    My advice: wait till May
  • Question:-what is the weather in boston in october?
    I will be taking a trip to boston in october I would like to know what kind of weather to plan for

    October is a difficult month to predict
    You can temperatures in the 80's or in the 30's. You could have rain or lots of sun. Average though is high temperatures in 50's lows in the 30's and about 3 and 1/2 inches of precipitation for the month
  • Question:-How to look good in cold weather (Boston)?
    I'm going to Boston in 2 weeks and I need to look good. I'm coming from California. Any suggestions?

    Answer:-You dint specify if your a male or female. So ill write for unknown gender. Since its fall over here, and the weather does back it up. You should wear colors like Brown, Grey, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Orange, Forest Green, Jungle Green, Black, and Purple.
    - Denim Jeans(dark blue washes) -khakis
    - Cardigans(Grey,Brown,Navy,Black) - jackets (Black,Brown,Grey)
    - Scarfs (any of the colors mentioned above)
    - plaid shirts and shoes(converse)
    -sweat pants
    -baggy jeans
    -baggy sweaters,shirts,hoodies,jackets
    Ed hardy shoes/sneakers (too glitery and too many colors, unless you want to look like you popped out a Skittles commercial "taste the rainbow").....unless ur a leprochaun

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